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Eating Disorder Recovery Help

You are Worthy of Recovery

I know the pattern too well.  I know the eating disorder cycle.  And I know what underlies the pattern that keeps the dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors going... many times it is simply a belief that we are NOT GOOD ENOUGH.  A belief that I AM NOT WORTHY or...

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Inspiration to Keep Doing Recovery

What do you want from your recovery? Do you ever think about it? ​So many women know exactly what they don't want and focus on that over and over and over again, about how bad it is and how hard it is and how much they're struggling, and the truth is-- this is why...

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Q+A: Tips to Help Overcome Anorexia + Bulimia Video

Today I am answering a question from Amy who writes: "To Lauren, I really find you inspirational.  I think its lovely how much you want to help other people recover.  I have just read your post on not wanting to recover and its really where I am at.  I have had 6...

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Getting Motivated in Recovery from Eating Disorders

I was feeling a message coming through me today and felt inspired to share.  Do feel stuck and are using excuses or things to distract you from truly taking care of yourself and working on your recovery?  Then this video is exactly what you need to hear to help get...

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How to Feel Your Feelings

Prefer to read this article? Hello Beautiful Souls!   This is Lauren from and today i am so excited to make this video for you all about feelings and emotions. Woo!!!   I know this is the most dreaded topic in eating disorder...

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3 Keys to Ending the Eating Disorder Relapse Cycle

Would you rather read this post? Hello Beautiful Souls! This is Lauren from and today is Q&A day so were going to be answering a question for you! If you have a question you want me to address or any sort of question you have for me...

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