Your program has changed my life Lauren – I am a bright and vibrant new woman and for the first time immersed in this beautiful life and so full of joy and passion and love…

The work I have been fortunate to do with Lauren has given me the first genuine platform on which I have been truly able to change the direction of my life. There are few words powerful enough to describe how miraculous this change has been; every day, I am still reveling in the wonder that I am living a life without my eating disorder – for the first time in 20 years.

At the time when my path met Lauren’s, I really believe that I was clinging to the last tiny glimmer of hope I had left in me for a different life – a life that had meaning and purpose.  I was deeply enmeshed in my eating disorder and had let it strip any sort of real connection I had to my true self. I had little concept of future; truthfully, I didn’t believe I would live long to have a future. I had let go of so many things that were important to me. I felt fragile, I was terrified of the world, I was filled with so much shame.

I have wondered often what makes Lauren’s recovery programs so different from the traditional treatment options available to people with eating disorders. I had so much information in my head from countless doctors, nutritionists and counselors, and I know I would have been capable of simply changing my eating patterns and achieving some degree of physical stability – I had been playing all the food and weight games in the book for most of my life – but until I met Lauren and began to honestly work through her innovative programs, I never had a reason to engage myself in recovery.  I never believed I was deserving of a better life, and I never had felt the initiative to take responsibility for myself or for my recovery.  Lauren taught me so much more than any prior treatment program I had experienced.  She taught me that I was important and that my experiences, dreams, and feelings mattered. I didn’t have to be afraid of them, I could honour them and learn from what they were telling me.  I began to work through deep parts of myself and in doing so, I discovered who I was, what I believed in, what I wanted to share with the world. It became important for me to confront my fears and it became important to me to act in ways that supported the love I began to feel for myself and for the world around me.

The journey I have been blessed to take with Lauren has been incredible.  It is powerful, life-altering, interesting, and it is so very beautiful.  Lauren has been to me, an amazing mentor, a gentle and encouraging teacher, and a wonderful friend.  She has empowered me, believed in me, trusted me, celebrated in my accomplishments.  I have learned to treat myself the way Lauren has always treated me, with unconditional acceptance, patience, and unwavering love.

I am no longer afraid of anorexia.  I am not afraid of my past or of my future.  I am not afraid of changing or of growing or of meeting challenges.  I look forward to new days, new seasons, new dreams and new journeys.  I could never have imagined in a million years the joy and the passion I feel now – the peace I feel with myself and the love I have for so many wonderful things in my life.

These programs are not just about recovering from an eating disorder.

They are real opportunities for incredible change, and a chance to have a really beautiful life.


Ontario, Canada

I have been struggling with Bulimia and Anorexia for over 10 years now.  In the past, I have sought out help from therapists, partial hospitalization day programs and was even admitted to an in-patient program.  Those programs and supports were helpful for a little while, but then I found I would just fall right back into my old symptoms within a month or so when something stressful popped up.  I thought I was dealing with the real issues but really I was just learning how to deal with the symptoms and “manage them.”

Now, I’ve been working with Lauren for only a couple of months and I have already seen a HUGE difference.  I can finally say that I have been able to not have symptoms for weeks at a time.  I know as I continue to work with her, that will diminish.  The difference is that I know it will go away FOREVER.  I am finally learning to deal with things from my past and I am finally able to learn how to feel feelings and let them go.  I have never been able to do that before.  I am no longer suppressing difficult feelings.  I let them come up and I allow myself to really feel them.  I’m also learning how to love myself and my body which is amazing because this entirely new confidence is coming out that I have never seen before.

I HIGHLY recommend Lauren to anyone struggling with an eating disorder.  The tools that you learn from this are helpful in all facets of my life, not just in my recovery.  These are tools that I plan on keeping in my pocket for the rest of my life.

Jen A.

New York, USA

When I first came to Lauren, I had no idea what I was in for.  I knew I wanted to change, but it wasn’t until our first phone conversation that I realized it could actually happen!  Lauren truly has a way with encouraging people in a gentle but positive way, and being able to relate to her on so many levels helped me feel more understood, connected, and hopeful for a future without my eating disorder.  I just remember the excitement that stayed with me for weeks after we started working together, it was like my whole life had changed just by Lauren showing me the possibilities of life after recovery.

I had spent almost half my life in this life-consuming battle against food and my weight, struggling to accept myself and constantly obsessing over my image.  But Lauren showed me the importance of being your true, genuine self, and now I can honestly say that I love and accept myself right here and now, no matter what.  She helped me find my confidence through my other successes, and to take the emphasis off the external and onto the internal, while still keeping a holistic, healthy lifestyle.

I really can’t believe how different my life is now, it’s incredible to look back at my journey so far and it still shocks me that I’m not living in my old habits!  I feel comfortable in my own skin and am excited about my future, which is crazy to me because I’ve always felt so insecure and unworthy of happiness.  Lauren showed me that I could feel good about myself every single day through tons of affirmations, journaling, and just believing.  It’s amazing how this actually works – I’m with the man of my dreams and my ideal career situation right now!  I don’t worry so much about how things will work out.  She taught me to trust this journey & enjoy the process of growing and learning more about myself.

These all sound like cliché statements reading them back, but they’re soo true and you won’t really understand how it feels to conquer this until you do it!

Thank you so much Lauren, you’re an angel in my life.


Oregon, USA

I have MY LIFE now. I am LIVING each day open and free. I have been untethered from the chains of an eating disorder. And I love myself, my life, and all it’s moments together. The relationships I have grow deeper every day. This does not mean they’re always easy, though. But I can appreciate the growth and challenge of them. I come from love for myself and love for the other person and am able to move through challenges now. I’m not stuck in the pain of internalizing my struggles, blaming myself, coping with an eating disorder or punishing myself with an eating disorder. The challenges of life are singular – they do not take me back to traumas felt earlier in life. I”m free! And I look forward to each day.

Working with Lauren and Healing for Eating Disorders program was EXACTLY – and I cannot stress the word enough – what I had desperately been searching for. I felt UNDERSTOOD. Someone knew me. Knew that I wasn’t a “dented can” as they say in some recovery programs, I wasn’t destined to struggle the rest of my life, this whole ED was NOT going to define my days and the rest of my life. Lauren knew this about me because she had faced this opposition herself! She, too, said “Hell no!” when “recovery specialists” tried to say she was in denial, that she would die of this, that it was a lifelong disease. That is the voice that I had been longing for – because I felt that way! I knew I had work to do, deep work, the deepest work of my life. And Lauren was able to see what I needed to do, to face, to change to be free. She always says that I did the work, but she had to SEE it. I didn’t know what I need to do. She was a teacher in every sense of the word.

Now my life is full – full because I can actually FEEL it. My husband and I are closer than we’ve ever been (and boy did we go through some tough times), we’re expecting our first child very soon, I am able to be close and be free with family members that I’ve held resentment and hurt towards for so long, and I feel like I am swimming in love and wonder for each day. Sure I get mad, get frustrated, scared, but they’re not the soul crushing emotions that they used to be. I move through them. I learn from them. I grow from them. Fear is no longer the driver in my life. LOVE is. LOVE like I’ve never known before. And it gets better every day. 

Katie W.

Maryland, USA

Working with Lauren has been life changing.  She has empowered me to take my life back in my own hands.  Its not always easy, but Lauren is always there with wise words or powerful homework for me to look further into myself.  She has helped me to appreciate my self worth and work toward setting and working towards my own life vision.  My eating has improved and I am slowly shifting my relationship with food and in my relationship with others.  I thought I would never be able to live without my eating disorder.  Lauren is showing me hope, that I have the power to choose a different path, a path of wellness, passion and happiness.  I see possibilities where I didn’t see before.  I feel empowered to make my own choices and test my comfort zone.  I think what has been most helpful is letting it out, processing through it and listening to Lauren’s insights.  She has great tools to help process through my fears or overwhelming thoughts.

I think in working with Lauren, I have learned to become more myself.  I was scared and always looking for other approval.  She is teaching me to value and appreciate myself and not apologize for living out my greatness.  The program has helped me because it was step by step.  Lauren is so sweet and understanding, that I could share anything with her and she’d always have great advice.

I would definitely recommend this program to someone else.  For me it has been a soul seeking journey, to find myself, my passion, my divine soul, and to trust that authentically.  Lauren has been invaluable to me, to empowering and encouraging me to take that next step, and the next one, so I may grow and become my best self.  In the pits of my eating disorder, I didn’t think anyone would understand.  Lauren did.  She threw me a life line and since then she has shown me the way out.  I am not completely out of my hole, but I see the light.  I am stronger, I am wiser, I am willing to do the work and get myself to a better place, a higher place, to live the best life I can.

Kathleen R.

Czech Republic

Working with Lauren has been so empowering.  She is someone who understood what I am going through but is action-oriented about giving me the tools to change my situation, and this was refreshing when we first started working together.  I am always impressed by her intuitive ability to ask poignant questions and assign meaningful work for me to do outside of our coaching call that is personalized to my own journey and needs.

Perhaps the most important thing I have learned through coaching with Lauren is how to cultivate self-awareness.  This daily evolving practice has been essential throughout my phases of recovery.  As new challenges and unfamiliar territories arise, Lauren continually provides new tools and insights to push me to continue growing in my practice.

Some family members have asked why I don’t simply do recovery on my own because if I really wanted to I could figure it out myself.  But working with someone like Lauren isn’t about admitting defeat or weakness.  Lauren has taught me to embrace recovery as a beautiful process of self-love; her philosophies are about expelling doubt and fear in order to cultivate new-found strength, love, and empowerment.  I am proud, not ashamed, of my recovery, the breakthroughs and the setbacks and the small daily practices that disarm the eating disorder voice.



I’ve been thinking about all the work we’ve done since we first chatted in March and I’m so grateful for everything you’ve given me and helped me with.  I would not be where I am today without your guidance, faith, insight, knowledge, power, inspiration and compassion.  You’ve taught me how to LOVE myself and let go so that I can achieve whatever it is that I put my mind to.  No words or dollar amount will ever reflect my gratitude for those blessings.

I can’t thank you enough for everything!  Contacting you was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I am so happy that I did!!!!  I could seriously go on FOREVER..hahaha.  Thank you thank you thank you thank you for doing what you do – you were meant to help people and it shows!



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I believe Lauren is an absolute miracle-worker-God-sent angel into my life.  I have been to a couple of in patient treatments for my ED, but I always reverted back when I got back into my normal life.  Lauren was the first person who has demonstrated what it is like to be fully recovered, and that I can do that too!

Most treatments focus on getting you to “highly functional,” which I always found discouraging.  I don’t want to live with this forever.  I want to go live my life, not a highly functioning life.  Lauren’s course is a linear and logical system to get you to heal on all levels, body, mind, and spirit.  There is not set plan, she let’s everyone do what is best for them.

Her thoughts and insights into my situation have been invaluable.  I have seen so much progress within a couple of months of working with her.  I am already nourishing my body and spirit and feeling like a new, positive person. She is a blessing.

Alisha B.

Illinois, USA

Hi Lauren, thank you for all of your support, guidance, and kind words.  After 15 years of therapy, inpatient ed programs, etc I can honestly say that your materials are effective and relevant than anything else I’ve encountered.  I was actually meeting with a doctor friend of mine last week, whom I used to see when I was very sick, and I recommended your website as a place to refer other women she may see in her practice struggling with eating disorders… I would like to continue working with you and reach a different level of recovery.


Oregon, USA

Before Lauren I was the girl who struggled with any sort of self confidence.  My world centered around what I would eat, when I would eat it, if I was “allowed” to eat it and the guilt and shame that is so often associated with eating disorders.  I was unsure of myself; I was always doubting who I was and afraid to use my voice.  I loathed my body and would do any and everything to change it, to disconnect from it.  That is, until I met Lauren.

I am so grateful that my path has crossed with hers and I truly believe this is no coincidence.  She has forever changed my life.  I began to look forward to our weekly sessions and always left feeling this sense of comfort and ease.  Someone actually got it! Lauren has a natural way about the way she approaches her work with women and I felt that during our chats.  I started to believe that I was worth it and I began to experience life once again.  Working with Lauren helped me to love myself, enjoy food and truly ROCK my body!  I cannot begin to explain how awesome it is to wake up each morning with this adoration for my body and this peace I feel when I approach how I will treat it.  She taught me that no obstacle is too big to overcome as long as you come from a place of love.  She helped me to recognize just how beautiful life is, including the messiness and the chaos.

While our work focused primarily on the eating disorder, as the eating disorder lifted, we were able to get down to the root of what drove it to begin with.  She helped me to navigate my way through tough life decisions and painful moments of my past.  She helped me to get to a place that I never before thought possible for myself…full recovery from my eating disorder.  Lauren has changed my life!


New Jersey, USA

Dear Lauren,

I’ve never worked with someone like you and it has been remarkable, truly.  At the risk of sounding cliché’, the experience has been nothing less than transformational.  You’ve been a perfect match for helping me find insight and guiding me to uncover my own answers. Years of mis-belief and misguided thoughts have begun to fall away.  You are so buoyant and skilled and you provide true hope and real tools.

Anyone is lucky if they have you in their corner.  I’ve felt you were in mine from our first session and will carry that with me, hopefully always. You are eminently good at what you do, and your heart is filled to the brim with love for others.  You have a gift, and you certainly are a gift to me.  Thank you so very, very much.

With admiration, gratitude, and love,


Minnesota, USA

Hi, my name is Anne, and for the past 3 months, I’ve been talking to and working with Lauren twice a week.  I developed anorexia and exercise bulimia over the summer, and when I realized that my mental and physical health was going downhill very rapidly, my parents sought out Lauren’s help.  At first, I was incredibly afraid to open up to her about my struggles with food, but after a few sessions with her, I began to trust her and open up more.  Over the course of a few weeks, with her help, I began to eat 3 meals a day with snacks and already felt better, both mentally and physically.

Lauren is not only extremely positive, upbeat and cheerful, but also very honest, insightful and wise.  She showed me that I CAN and WILL recover.  Now, after working with Lauren for a while, my anorexia and exercise bulimia is much, much better.  I wake up everyday looking forward to the future, and Lauren has helped me so much with realizing my self worth, goal making skills, and self confidence. I truly believe in recovery now, all thanks to Lauren.  She has become a friend to me, and I would trust her with anything.  It’s safe to say that I couldn’t have made the progress I have made without Lauren’s guidance, constant reassurance, and love.  Lauren is a life changer and saver.”


Massachusetts, USA

After living with an eating disorder for over 15 years, healing from this disorder has been a long and gradual process.  Five months ago, it had always been a daily struggle for me to deal with eating disorder behaviors and process all the emotions that have come along with it.  For so long I was searching for a road map to recovery; a plan of action for myself.  I needed a visual plan to know how to recover from an eating disorder.  I was provided with direction when I came across Lauren’s website and video’s at  I enrolled immediately and I have been through her entire program from start to finish.  In addition, I have had Lauren as my recovery coach.  These last five months of my eating disorder recovery have been a truly amazing learning experience for me.  Weekly coaching calls with Lauren and working with others also recovering or living with an eating disorder have given me the ability to share my struggles and share my triumphs. Having a recovery coach who has been through an eating disorder provides someone who truly understands everything we experience.

As a coach Lauren will keep you going when you feel like falling and will encourage you when you feel like giving up.  Above all, she has helped share in all of my accomplishments in my recovery journey along the way.  When I entered her program I never thought I would ever love myself.  I remember telling Lauren on a group coaching call “I can’t even look at myself in the mirror how will I ever learn to love myself?”  I never fathomed being able to love myself at all because I was so deep into my eating disorder.  Over the last few months between my willingness to change, Lauren’s program and coaching calls I have taken baby steps in my journey of learning to love myself.  Lauren has helped me realize that learning to love who you are happens in many different ways and can be in the small decisions that we make to take care of ourselves.  From choosing the right foods to eat to affirming that you love yourself for who you are.  I AM learning how to love myself and I NEVER thought I would.  My recovery journey is not nearly over yet but I have grown by leaps and bounds and I am finally discovering who I am without my eating disorder.  Thank you Lauren!

Emily R.

Texas, USA

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with Lauren for the past few months to finally overcome my eating disorder that I’ve been struggling with for about twelve years.  Before working with Lauren, I was completely ashamed of the fact that I was obsessed with how much, what, when, where, and with whom I was eating to a point that I thought about food what felt like all day, every day.  It felt like the biggest part of who I was, and at the same time a part that I had to completely hide at all costs.  I felt frustrated and helpless that I couldn’t understand why I struggled so much with something so simple as food.  I was completely obsessed with controlling my weight and how I was being perceived.

Although at times I could manage the disorder, when events came up, or times being around family and friends and not by myself, it became clear that my life had been completely taken over by the power of the eating disorder and obsession with weight and exercise, and the resulting incapacitation, exhaustion of energy, emotional roller coaster, and extreme anxiety and self-hate.

After a series of experiences basically missing out on life and feeling as if I had no power and no idea what to do, and feeling incapacitated, my inner wisdom spoke to me and I knew it was time to begin searching for help.  I realized I wanted to change, and I was ready to change, but I could not do it on my own.  Believe it or not, at this point I still didn’t even acknowledge I actually had an eating disorder!  But it felt good to finally listen to myself and know that I needed help.

From the very first call, Lauren could completely relate to and understand everything I was saying.  She helped me begin to see why I was struggling with food, and begin to understand this thing that seemed so out of my control.  Lauren has been a source of endless optimism, guidance, wisdom, and an eternal cheerleader on my path to recovery.  There truly is no one like her!  I know I’m not quite fully 100% recovered yet, and that’s okay!  I’ve learned to genuinely enjoy and embrace the process, and celebrate the AMAZING changes that have begun manifesting in my life.

I get emotional just thinking about how far I’ve come in a few short months, and I’m so proud of myself and so grateful for changes that I’ve made.  It feels amazingly freeing and wonderful to now love my body, exactly as it is, and respect and take care of this beautiful temple I’ve been given.  With Lauren’s help, I’ve been able to shift from being overcome with anxiety in a multitude of eating situations, to having the tools to deal with it when it comes up, and in general having released most of the anxiety around eating all together.  I no longer obsessively work out or feel chained to an extreme exercise regimen that I think I have to do or else I’ll completely lose control and gain all this weight.  I’ve learned how to trust and relax in so many situations, and look forward to doing exercise I enjoy, and honoring the physical needs of my body.  

With Lauren’s support, I know and I’m so excited to think about the near future when I will be FULLY recovered and FREE!!!  I can’t more highly recommend her if you’re struggling with any eating disorder or food and body issues.  And the bonus is she’s so amazing to work with that you’ll actually have fun at the same time!!  I can’t say it enough, I’ve love love loved every minute.  Even the really hard stuff. 🙂

Angie I.

Ohio, USA

Before starting on this journey with Lauren I was kind of stuck – I knew I wasn’t happy, I knew I wanted something to change, but I wasn’t sure what, where, when or how.  Looking back I realize I was 100% existing from moment to moment with no concept of how to kick back and take in the scenery.  I was missing everything!  My desperation to not be left behind or show any weakness or imperfection ironically was (HAD!) lead me to show just those things – I was sick, getting sicker and was completely dissociated from any kind of fulfilling life.  I knew I wanted to change this, but needed a guiding hand to enable me to do this.  I found this guide in Lauren. 

So many of my damaging actions, coping mechanisms and beliefs were all coming from an entrenched fear of failure.  Lauren helped me to realize that if I could just approach things differently, from a loving and accepting standpoint then all these amazing things would start to happen for me – and they have!  It wasn’t always easy – I questioned a lot and I’m still a work in progress.  But now I know that that’s OK.

So much has changed in a few short months – I can actually relax for the first time; I can put myself first without any overwhelming sense if guilt; I’m more productive, successful and confident in my work; and I’m happier and healthier than I’ve been for years.  And this all feels totally awesome!  I can actually see what’s going on around me and appreciate it rather than trying to control it.  I found a motivation to take back myself that I didn’t have before. 

Getting to where I am has been a challenge – but I haven’t had to face these challenges alone.  Lauren provides constant positive reinforcement around each positive step I’ve made, even if it seemed tiny or inconsequential – just having that acknowledgment that I was getting ever closer to my goal of total recovery (even when I couldn’t see it) gives me the strength to keep chasing it.




Hi Lauren, my name is Dan and my girlfriend is part of your program.  I’m so happy that’s she’s working with you and I want to thank you so much for helping her!  She’s already came such a long way since she’s started working with you!

Thank you so much that you’re helping her!!  I seriously can’t thank you enough.  I know if anyone can help her, it’s you.  She’s already made such big steps and huge progress and I can’t wait till she finally breaks free of all of this!!  Thank you so much, thank you for helping her.



I stumbled upon Lauren’s website in an all-too-familiar state of desperation.  My self-destructive habits (including abusing food, drugs and shopping) were at a fever pitch and I was drowning in self-loathing.  Through a leap of faith (and not much else to lose), I scheduled a consultation.  It has been the single most important thing I’ve ever done for myself.  Through her E-Books and one-on-one weekly conversations, I’ve gained a tremendous amount of insight into my behaviors and feelings. 

She’s struggled with so many of the things I’m struggling with (even through decades of therapy it’s been really hard to find someone with whom I can speak that really understands how difficult life like this can be).  She believes in my ability to find happiness within myself.  The craziest thing is that now I believe it too.  She holds my hand through the hard stuff, and offers encouragement, understanding and much needed compassion.  I’m so proud of myself for the work I’ve done with Lauren, and am truly grateful that I took that leap of faith.

Jennifer N.


I am excited to continue working with Lauren and reaching FULL RECOVERY just as she has.  She is genuine … she is honest … she is REAL.  She challenges me while also accepting me exactly where I am right now.  I have never felt judged by her … no matter what secrets I divulge.  This has given me a much needed “safe place” to work on the deeper issues.  Lauren truly believes in me … even when I can’t believe in myself.  This is not a “job” for Lauren … this is her passion … this is her life’s mission … and it is truly and honor to be working with her.  With her by my side, I am beginning to face my fears and find the freedom that I so desperately seek.


Ohio, USA

When I found Lauren, I had worked so hard at recovering on my own but felt like I kept getting stuck and going over the same problems over and over again.  I had been to therapists, but it didn’t help me-– they asked what felt like textbook questions to me and gave me some good advice, but they just didn’t seem to understand.  I had been to dieticians, but if my problem had been as simple as eating more or just following a meal plan, I wouldn’t have needed help in the first place.

Lauren understood in a way no one I’d talked to before had what it’s like to have an eating disorder inside you and how to deal with it.  She organized recovery in a workable way, she helped me figure out structured eating, she helped me dig into the relevant parts of my past and understand it in a new way, and she gave me support when I needed to reach out.

Most of all, her personality and life gave me a vision for what my life could be and what I wanted.  Then she gave me the tools to get there.  It’s only since working with her that I’ve seen how people could be happier and better after an eating disorder than before.  My life is full of more excitement and peace and vision than it ever has been in part because of her.  Call her!  She’ll help you!

Hillary S.

Idaho, USA

Hey Lauren,

Just wanted to tell you I feel so great after I spend time talking to you.  I am soooo grateful for you!  I just read your letter again and I am feeling so much love.  I feel like a better person knowing you… I have energy and zest after we talk.  I cry smile and laugh.

I am so happy I found you Lauren you are making this real and letting me allow myself to change and be ok with it!!



Working with Lauren one on one in her private coaching program has given me the confidence & belief to live a life with more freedom, clarity & contentment.  Her ability to relate, understand and truly believe in me helped me to go after and own my recovery journey & life!  Our coaching sessions and assignments challenged me to uncover, acknowledge, understand, accept & celebrate the journey and process of eating disorder recovery.  The ability to connect and go deep with her in weekly one on one sessions on tough issues was crucial for me.  Lauren is easy to talk to, real, motivational, fun, loving and full of life!  I consider Lauren a coach, mentor, healer & friend. Much gratitude & love!


Saskatchewan, Canada

Lauren is living proof the program works as she has experienced the utter hopelessness and despair of living with Bulimia and has succeeded in finding permanent recovery.  Lauren ‘walks the talk’; she is authentic (has no hidden agendas) and has a genuine desire to help others find recovery too.

[Her] warmth and authenticity that came across in your videos and your stories captured my attention.  I had a good feeling about your program and I followed my heart and enrolled.  A wise decision!  Lauren’s course and coaching calls helped me to validate a lot of what I had already learnt in my recovery journey over the past couple of years and I especially enjoyed the spiritual side of Lauren’s program.


I was totally motivated by Lauren’s selfless commitment to helping us grow and recover from our ED.  I am more in tuned to my spiritual side and have a real thirst for more knowledge about this amazing part of my life.  I have grown up and taken responsibility for my life.  I have made a decision to let go of Bulimia.  I do not binge and purge anymore.  My life was full of anxiety, secrets, shame, isolation, low energy, negativity and poor health and I was never ‘good enough’ and I always felt empty inside.   

I now feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I am free and feel more at peace with myself.  I am genuinely enjoying being ‘in the moment’ and it’s like I am seeing the world through a new set of lenses!  I feel happy and content and excited about what life has in store for me now.  Your services provided a roadmap to find true recovery and the tools to overcome any obstacles along the way.  The program is unbelievably good value for money.  Although it is quite an extensive, full-on program, Lauren gently guides you to work at the pace that you feel comfortable with as it’s your own personal journey.  You can take what works for you and leave the rest and like anything in life, you will get out of it what you are prepared to put into it!  If you commit 100% to working the program and you truly want to recover and are ready to ‘let Bulimia go,’ Lauren will help facilitate this amazing transformation in your life.  Peace, freedom, happiness and self acceptance will  be yours.


New Zealand

My life is forever changed since taking the leap of faith to work with Lauren. I have always been held back, a prisoner if you will, by both my eating disorder and my past. I always resigned myself to a “mediocre” life where, yeah I was content enough and happy, but always struggled to manage my eating disorder and insecurities. Lauren has been the tool which enabled me to break down the chains I have placed on myself. She has helped me to see there is so much to life. There is so much beauty and love to be given and received. The most valuable lesson so far (hard to name just ONE) has been to approach my life-all the good, the bad, the super ugly-with love. She has taught me that forgiveness is the true treasure and only with forgiveness and love can we ever really find that happiness we all hold inside.

There is truly nothing else that could improve Lauren’s approach. She is warm, yet has healthy boundaries. She inspires through her own story without feeling the need to brag. She leads you to full recovery without telling and shouting orders at you. Instead, she simply IS and that is more than enough.

I consider the last few months to be the most eye opening and thought provoking to date. After spending years in therapy being told “you will always have to manage your eating disorder. It’s like diabetes. It may never go away but you learn to live with it best you can.” I finally had enough. I knew in my heart that I didn’t need to settle. I knew there was more to me and for me than “ED.” Enter Lauren. I have never met someone who has so much love to give and so much life wrapped up inside. She has been there for me every step of the way. She has shown me that I am more than what I eat, what I weigh, mistakes I have made. I am Nicole and I am fabulous just as I was created. As a result of our work together I have learned to forgive myself for past mistakes. I have started to meditate and become present in every moment of my life. I am no longer a passerby by an active participant in achieving the life of my dreams. Prior to our work I played the victim well. I didn’t know, or want to know, that I was responsible for my life. It scared me. But now it excites me. Weekly sessions with Lauren still excite me because she has shown me just how beautiful life can be. I can say that I am so close to full recovery and while I have done the work, I never could have done it without Lauren. I am forever indebted to you Lauren. I have always wanted to be an eating disorder recovery coach myself. Now I truly have moved from wanting to do it, to needing to do it. It’s my life calling and I have the best mentor around.



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Lauren has been so wonderful to work with!  She has been most valuable in teaching me how to accept my past, forgive myself and move forward, one day at a time.  She has been there to support and encourage me from day 1!

When I came across Lauren’s website, I was desperately seeking help to recover from my eating disorder from someone who understood what I was going through.  After reading her story and learning about her coaching program, I knew that she could help me get there.  Lauren is an amazing coach.  From the beginning, she made me feel worthy of recovery and showed me that it was possible.  She is trustworthy and does not judge, but instead supports you every step of the journey by empowering you to love yourself and to treat your body with love and compassion. 

Lauren’s approach to recovery is very practical and inspiring and I would highly recommend her as a coach!



I found Lauren was most valuable in changing the way I view my relationships.  I felt that the most important lessons I took from our sessions involved focusing on self-respect and developing an awareness of how I reacted to situations, and strategies to take control and work towards changing my behavior.  I will never forget the idea “relationships replace eating disorders” because I’ve found that holds a lot of truth.

I also appreciated how available she was, and knew that while I didn’t always reach out to her, she was consistently there for me and dependable.

When I first started working with Lauren, I was at a very low point with my eating disorder.  I’d recently come out to my family and a couple of my friends and started counseling, but I couldn’t get over the feeling of being so alone in my struggle.  I knew that people cared about me, but they didn’t fully understand what I was going through or know how to give me the help I needed.  Calling Lauren was a big step in my recovery- it was the first time I was able to speak to someone who had been through similar experiences and could really relate to my situation.

Lauren was able to provide me with relevant advice and constant support that had a visible effect on my perspective.  Instead of feeling so hopeless, Lauren inspired me and sometimes was the only thing motivating me to continue the recovery process.  Without her, I wouldn’t have been able to step outside of myself and realize that I wasn’t crazy, that other women had been through the same things, and there were clear reasons I developed an eating disorder.  She helped me see that I didn’t need it anymore and I was able to make vast strides in recovery through her assignments and weekly calls.

I would definitely recommend Lauren as a coach to anyone battling an eating disorder. She is someone to trust, who never makes you feel judged and is there to support you every step of the way.

Hannah H.

Washington, USA

Hi Lauren:

I want to start straight off by telling you, so sincerely, that you have been such a catalyst for change in my life and I am so grateful that I have your presence in my life.

I fear that I will not be able to adequately articulate the movement I feel has occurred in the last two weeks…

I wanted to send you a message of thanks and gratitude 🙂 I am so very grateful to have the opportunity to learn and grow from your experiences and the path you have walked (you are walking).

Your support and words and ability to relate to my own challenges has been invaluable.  Today when we ended our call I felt a little sad for you, because I feel so grateful that I have someone in my life who is able to tell me that I am going to be ok, to stick it out, that it really does get better and the seemingly endless fight is worth it… I feel really honored and privileged to be receiving the insight, awareness and wisdom that is the result of your own fight against the eating disorder.

I am really glad that you were a survivor 🙂 It makes me believe in the possibility that I will survive this too, and it makes me want to fight with that much more vigor because the eating disorder is undeserving of anymore victims.

Today’s conversation was just so uplifting and motivating to me that I really wanted to send you a message to thank you.  I really appreciate the time that you give to me and I feel really lucky to have someone so inspiring on my side!

Sarah M.

Toronto, Canada

Lauren – thanks for this!!  I can’t tell you how gratifying, inspiring and helpful your texts and emails are.  I check my email lots after I’ve sent you something (this is not to add any pressure to you to respond immediately, just to let you know how much they mean to me!).  You’re my personal cheering team and gosh do I need it!

I too am thoroughly enjoying our mentoring relationship!  It’s so much better than I even imagined and every day I’m so relieved, grateful and happy that you are part of my life.  I look forward to getting to know you more, but I already have immense respect and admiration for you Lauren.  And this is probably the only good thing about having an ED – we get to discover the richness of our selves and meet other authentic, fabulously strong, compassionate people along the path.

Thank you thank you thank you for being there!  It’s so reassuring to know how much you relate to my experience. It gives me hope and inspiration!


Montana, USA

I did not work with Lauren in the Healing for EDs Academy for very long, but the time on it that I did spend truly changed me.  Following my inpatient ED treatment, I began working in the academy very seriously.  Once I began taking the information, guidance, support & ALL of the resources in the academy & Healing for all in and applying the strategies, tools and healing into my real life and in recovery, I saw real change.  Before I knew it, just by completing the assignments, taking the information to heart & taking ACTION, my life began to change.  This is an experience different from all other treatment I have ever received.  It was better – because I was doing it for ME, not because I was being forced to. This experience has started me off on my journey to full and authentic ED recovery & healing, and I am forever grateful.

Thank you to each and every one of you beautiful & strong women in the Academy.  Thank you Lauren & Blake for all of your wonderful wisdom & advice & work throughout all of our journeys. You both have truly helped me transform my life!  Words cannot express my gratitude for my experiences in this healing Academy.  Connecting with you all on a regular basis, giving & receiving loving support, staying accountable & reflectively journaling in these forums has been an experience I will never forget.  It has been one of the biggest game-changers in my recovery.  Thank you all!

[In reference to our retired program, the Healing for Eating Disorders Academy]

Rachel F.


Lauren, you have one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know and that was so evident the entire year that I was in the academy.  I was continually blown away by your encouragement, authenticity, and positivity even when I’m sure it wasn’t hard to demonstrate those qualities.  You put your all into what you do and that is so clear.  Although I wasn’t as consistently involved as others in the group, I have made sooo much progress in the last year and that growth is largely due to your investment in my life.  Thank you does not do justice to what I’d like to say to you.  Because you have cared so much, it inspires me to care and invest life and love into myself.  Please know that you have made such a difference in my life in the last year!!!

[In reference to our retired group program, the Healing for Eating Disorders Academy]

Abby L.


Lauren has made me more aware of ways in distinguishing between the eating disorder voice and my true authentic self!

Since working with Lauren, I’ve become more aware of my thoughts and how they can work in my favor or propel me into the Eating Disorder cycle.  For as long as I can remember I have felt stuck and unable to make changes mentally/physically, yet haven’t known what to do about this and what was the solution to heal me.  I’ve learned through her coaching that the mind is a powerful tool and if used correctly can change your whole world!  Lauren has helped hugely in identifying my limiting beliefs of myself that keep me stuck!  I feel incredibly inspired after our webinars and Q & A discussions as well as supported by the community of amazing women in the group.  The impact Lauren has made in my journey is HUGE and I am forever grateful!!! Xox

Crystal S.


Hi Lauren-

My progress has been amazing, and I owe it all to you!  Your words of encouragement and your spirit are truly gifts!

Thank you for everything!!!  You are a blessing!



Dear Lauren,

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed our conversation.   I felt like I was talking to an old time friend.   You have so much insight into this disease it is amazing.   I know I have a long way to travel but if I don’t begin somewhere I am not going to make any progress and will continue to live this life.

I thank you so much so far for all your help!

with the warmest of feelings…..




My daughter, Katlyn found your website and it gave her strength to believe that she could recover and wanted her life back.  Unfortunately, she did not recover ; he heart stopped on June 22, 2013, she was 25.  Family, friends and loved ones are all trying to find answers and understanding, and perhaps acceptance.  As I traveled this journey with Katie, the one thing I know is treatment, help, support and access is not available and far too many people have no idea how to help someone who is in the depths of struggling with ED.  Katie was so excited when she found your website and blog, she said you were like twins and you really understood what she was going through.  I was not able to help her recover, but I do know she had reached the point is wanted to recover more than anything, she refused medical intervention.

I so honor your courage to help other women who struggle and know you are and will help so many.  I am passionate about helping women who struggle with this devastating disease/disorder, knowing options and resources is critical.  Katie believed in you and truly believed the information you shared was the most helpful and realistic approach to helping yourself reclaim your life.  Thank you so much for being there when she felt so alone with no where to turn, no one in the medical or mental health community could reach her or support her in the way she needed to be, you did.

A little about Katie, her first encounter with ED was at age 11, she was hospitalized and then took 6 months of home recovery to begin a long period of recovery which lasted for about 12 years.  After graduation from college and beginning grad school I saw the signs and talked to her to see how she was feeling and thinking.  I am sure you know the response I received, after numerous attempts to intervene with no success, Katie was hospitalized in February 2013, the hospital almost killed her, she was transported to Denver on a medical flight and remained there for 2 1/2 weeks before returning home.  Katie refused residential, planning to continue recovery on her own with support of a counselor.  She was doing ok, then a breakup with a boyfriend derailed her recovery (truly, no blame just the event that occurred) she struggled and I helped stabilized her and get her back on track which is about the time she found your website.  You helped her find courage, inspiration and the determination to reclaim her life.  I believe 2 years of being severely under weight had taken it’s toll, she was feeling positive and finding herself.  She was an incredible spirit with unending love.  Of course you know there is so much more to her story, I am working to help change the course for other who struggle.

With my deep appreciation for your willingness to help others,

Ellen Bennett

Livonia, New York, KMB for Answers

Reading your journals and seeing how you are now is so inspiring. There really is hope for me to fully recover! Thanks for being so open.



I’m so glad I came across this website. Crazily enough I found it when I googled ‘feeling fat’ because I’ve been struggling so much lately and I just didn’t know what to do. Turns out this was exactly what I was looking for without realizing it. I’ve been dealing with anorexia for nearly half my life now (I’m 20) and although I’ve maintained a healthy weight for some time I’ve never fully been able to get rid of ED voice. I have spent so many years hating myself and believing that I will always have to deal with this voice but now I realize that in some part I am also holding onto it, and I’m just not sure how to go about taking the next step. Reading the articles on this site has made me see that there is hope and that one day, if I work at it, hopefully I will be in a place similar to you where things are much brighter. Thank you so much for this blog, you’ve helped me more than you could know.



If you are a man with an eating disorder, I whole-heartedly recommend working with Lauren Marsh. I had some hesitation, but upon our introductory session I quickly found that my gender was not an issue—the eating disorder was the issue. Lauren took me for who I am without any preconceptions. She is an exceptional coach who began to lift the eating disorder fog right away.

Immensely trustworthy and effective, Lauren got me to the heart of my eating disorder and I began changing immediately. It was remarkable! I sought help for my eating disorder for years through therapy and 12-step programs, but I was defeated and felt demoralized. Lauren believes through experience that complete recovery is possible. Her approach is individualized and comprehensive, and she exudes optimism and happiness. But don’t be fooled by her incomparable positivity; she packs a punch when it comes to guiding people to real insight! She gave me true hope and real tools to get well.

I would recommend Lauren Marsh to anyone!

R. H.

Minnesota, USA

Hi Lauren,

I am a registered dietitian, national certified counselor and certified intuitive eating counselor specializing in the treatment of eating disorder.  I love what your website and story has offered in terms of support and motivation for others.  I have used your eating disorder recovery workbook with clients and in eating disorder support groups.  Thank you!

Gina Consalvo

MD, RD, LDN, NCC, Eat Well With Gina

Hello Lauren,

Firstly, I know you must get so many emails which express similar things, but THANK YOU!  Your website and the Inspiring Recovery Ebook have been an extraordinary help to me in my recovery from anorexia.  I am not sure that I am 100 percent ‘recovered’ as I still have little weight to gain, but generally my thoughts about myself and about food are so much better and so much more positive than they were when my illness was at its worst.  You are doing such an amazing thing by using your experiences to help others.  By doing so, you truly changed my perspective on life and the way I treat myself.

Thank you once again, Sending smiles, peace and best wishes,



This is absolutely amazing!  As soon as I started reading this I started crying.  I only just realized I had a really bad problem with bulimia even though it’s been happening for a really long time.
I’m trying to stop but I had no idea how addicted to purging I was until I tried to stop.  I have some amazing friends that have been really supportive but I never realized it would be such a struggle to overcome an eating disorder, this page makes me feel like that’s ok though and I guess the only way I ever really will is if I keep trying.  This page is such a reality check for me, thanks so much for sharing your story and reaching out to people like me.



You are so amazing and inspirational.  I just discovered your site today and there is so much good stuff to read, I just want to devour it all.  Just reading this I can feel my eyes opening a bit. I am trying to recover, and I can release like 95% of the Ed, but that last 5 percent I am clutching on to so tightly like it’s a life-raft.  I am only just beginning to see that I can never truly be free or recovered until I let go of that last bit.  Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for your blog, it is so helpful, spot-on and REAL!!



Hi I’m a fairly new struggler of an ED and I am not bulimic or anorexic I am an ED non specified.  I lost weight and never thought after my weight loss journey an ED would have came out of it.  I have read many websites that have freaked me out but yours brought inner peace and strength in me I’m still trying to find.  I am currently seeing someone for help and its taking forever but after reading your blog made me have great confidence.  I really appreciate it so much and I’ll definitely be reaching out to you more. THANKS soooo times a million a bunch!  I think this made my night and me so much less anxious now!



Dear sweet Lauren,

You are such an amazing and inspirational woman.  It seems as though your emails are always at the exact right moment in time, when they’re really needed and appreciated.  I’m not as diligent with always checking through my emails, but for some cosmic reason yours are always there when I’m “looking for an answer” I guess you could say.  Really, I just want to thank you for being a friend and so caring!  You mean so much to me, being able to read your motivational writings and knowing that you truly o understand.  Thank you so very much.

I printed our your workbook a little over a year ago and it has been really helpful.  I actually just had a friend from across the country reach out to me last week because his sister is suffering from an ED and she is in bad shape.  He’s someone I confided in and who helped me when mine was at a really dangerous point.  I actually told him about your workbook and he’s going to print it out and give it to her, as she is receptive now and welcomes help.  So see, the things you do have so much meaning for so many people and will continue to be helpful for years to come.

God knows I’m not cured, it’s a constant struggle and I fear that it always will just be something I must be aware of and stay strong with.  But getting these emails from you like this, it just really makes me feel like there’s always hope. 🙂  Thank you so much Lauren!  I hope you are having an amazing day and have a great weekend!  I LOVE YOU TOO!!!! 🙂


Thank you so so so so so much for these emails I have been getting this past year.  It has helped me so much in my journey to recovery. I have been bulimic for 5 years and at my lowest point, which was actually early this year, I was really ok with the fact that bulimia would kill me.  I started college this summer and I can say I am fully recovered.  I haven’t had the urge to purge or binge in over 4 months!  I never thought that was even possible.  I was always afraid of going to college for the fact that I knew I could binge and purge all day and no one would know or really care.  But I am pretty much recovered and I am happier than I have ever been.  There are still times when I think about the act of purging but I never do it.  My body is healed too and my mind is healing.  I don’t focus so much on my body.  I haven’t stepped on a scale in a few months.  Thank you again for these amazing tips!


Thank you Lauren.  You are an exceptional person in every way.  You have a way with people and I am so glad you are able to continue to offer yourself to others.  I think you are very intuitive and I am as well.  I could “feel” your true heartfelt sincerity in your messages and on the calls.  I could even pick that up when I found your general info online.  You are such a beautiful spirit.  I will miss you.  God bless, sister.  Love and hugs,



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