You couldn’t imagine how many hundreds of women I’ve worked with who say the EXACT SAME THING to me over and over and over again.

I’ve heard it time and time again— sometimes women will come right out and say it.

Other times we have to dig, and dig deep!!

We do processes, release work, coaching to reveal what is really going on UNDERNEATH…

And what we find over and over again is that the root cause of the eating disorder is NOT about the food.

It’s NOT about your body.

Fuck, its not even about the emotions at the deepest core level. Or the fact that your parents were assholes, or that you were traumatized in some way.

Sure these things all play a part, they all influence the development and triggers the eating disorder behaviors sometimes.

But at the deepest core level, we all share the same limiting core belief—


“I am not pretty enough, smart enough, skinny enough, successful enough….”

And then as a result of feeling this way there is usually also a belief of—


“I am ashamed, disgusting, too much of a burden, not deserving, etc.”

It may show up in a number of different ways for you, and the beliefs come with a host of different emotions that all stem from the different problems and challenges that we have faced growing up, that have deep deep roots within our unconscious mind.

You may have never said it out loud, you may just know it on a deeper cellular level that *OH YEAH that’s exactly the core root of my issues.*

Think about it, if you were to get rid of these beliefs, would the eating disorder go away? Would you be able to have it anymore?

If you finally felt GOOD ENOUGH, if you finally felt WORTHY and DESERVING, would you really feel a need to use the eating disorder?

Nope, nada.

Because in order to truly release these beliefs, there is a need to re-program yourself to believe what is YOUR TRUTH, which is something you find deep down inside of you.

By doing this work and peeling back the layers one by one, going through this process of recovery, of growth, of evolution, you will begin to tap into your true authentic self.

She is wise, she is powerful, she is radiant and Divine.

And deep within this well of LOVE and LIGHT, you find an abundance of TRUTHS that begin to be revealed…

Sometimes this happens naturally over time as we grow but most of the time it comes as a result of seeking and asking and doing the work on ourselves.

Slowing down, tuning in and connecting to the deeper wisdom inside our bodies.

Everything you need and want to know is within.

You have everything you need to heal already inside of you.

It is there just waiting to be discovered!!

When I do this work with women it is CRAZY how this flips— in the beginning of the call they will start telling me all of the limiting beliefs, how much they hate themselves, how they don’t feel good enough, worthy enough, that they don’t believe in themselves, that they are unsure if they can do it, if its even possible to break free from the chains of the eating disorder. We go through some things from the past, talk about their old stories and patterns that continue to show up again and again, the dysfunctional patterns that they’d like to change.

But then when we dive deeper into the process, tap into their true authentic selves and connect with this deeper part of themselves, the answers and wisdom begin to flow like water…

“I can do this.”

“I am strong and I am beautiful.”

“I am enough EXACTLY AS I AM.”

“I am just seeking love and comfort with the behaviors, and what I really need to do is give that love and safety to myself.”

And on and on.

I don’t need to convince.

I don’t even need to tell them these things.

These are insights that are a natural result of this process.

It blows my mind every single time.

I am simply a guide, a leader and way-shower to help you find your way back to yourself.

Many of us women have simply lost touch with our Divine Goddess Selves, our AUTHENTICITY is what we crave the most.


We want to be able to pursue our purpose, our calling, and create a life of fulfillment and meaning for ourselves and our children.

And what happens is that somewhere we get lost along the way.

We lose touch with WHO WE REALLY ARE, or maybe we never even knew who we were in the first place.

Through our programming, societal conditioning and norms, through childhood wounds and trauma, we DISCONNECT from our souls, from our bodies and begin to live from our heads.

I see this so many times with us women — as we are EXTREMELY high-achievers, we are successful, we are DO-ERS. We. Get. Shit. Done.

It’s pretty fucking amazing the successes and achievements of the women I’ve worked with.

World class scientists. Doctors. Lawyers. Social workers and teachers. Business women and professionals. Internet gurus. Powerful health coaches and leaders. Mothers and household managers 🙂

We women pursue and accomplish some pretty fucking amazing things in our lives— type A driven successful women who are determined, massively stubborn and won’t SETTLE for anything LESS than the BEST.

EXCEPT there is something MISSING!!! We begin to think to ourselves— “I have everything I’ve ever wanted, I have all these amazing things, a great career, great relationships, etc but I still have this fucking eating disorder or dysfunctional relationship with food!! (Or alcohol, drugs, shopping, or whatever your addiction/obsession is).”

*Why is it that you can do so many things but NOT LET GO OF THIS FUCKING EATING DISORDER??? — You wonder to yourself time again and again.*

Then enter the criticisms, the beating yourself up, the endless loop of regret and guilt and shame and feeling bad about yourself because you’re such a miserable failure in this area.

*“So what the fuck is the problem, then?? What the fuck is WRONG WITH ME???”*

The problem is what you believe about yourself. It’s the core limiting beliefs that deep down inside of you, you STILL HAVE. That NO MATTER WHAT you DO, you STILL don’t feel good enough.

No matter how much you try to EARN and PROVE your worth.

No matter how much you try to DO to not lose love, or to make yourself feel lovable, you STILL just DON’T FEEL GOOD ENOUGH.

What if I told you that you didn’t have to DO anything to feel good enough?

What if I told you that you didn’t have to EARN or PROVE yourself to be WORTHY of love, of time, of attention, of happiness?

What if I told you you were good enough EXACTLY the way you are, right now?

You are worthy simply because YOU EXIST.

You are ENOUGH right now.

Not when you weigh X number of pounds.

Not when you have the “perfect” relationship.

Not when you have X number of dollars in the bank.

Not when you finally have the certifications or the career you’ve always wanted.

Not when you have the “perfect” body or “perfect” eating or working out routine.

Right. Fucking. Now.

When are you going to let go of the fact that you don’t need to strive to attain your worth, your ENOUGH-NESS?

When are going to fucking stop the bullshit and allow yourself to feel good enough, RIGHT NOW???

When are you going to finally OWN the fact that you are BRILLIANT, you are POWERFUL, you are a DIVINE GODDESS capable of making all her dreams come true??

You are a POWERFUL CREATOR and when you begin to WAKE UP to the fact that YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM, you can FINALLY have the results you are seeking in your life.

It’s about finally taking responsibility for EVERYTHING— forgiving your past, accepting where you are right now, and doing the WORK to go after what you REALLY want in life.

But NOT from a place of striving.

NOT from a place of lack, of scarcity, of not feeling good enough.

The ONLY way to get what you want is to OWN the fact that you are GOOD ENOUGH, that you are WORTHY and DESERVING right NOW.

Coming from a place of LOVE, of ABUNDANCE is the only way to EMPOWER yourself to move forward in your life.

You want to BREAK FREE from these dysfunctional patterns?

LOVE YOURSELF NOW, flaws and imperfections and all.

You want to have the body of your dreams and make peace with food?

KNOW that you are GOOD ENOUGH NOW, drop the rules and restrictions and start to TRUST yourself. You have everything you need already inside to guide you, you just need to believe in yourself. The only way you believe in yourself is by owning that you are GOOD ENOUGH.

That you are WORTHY of RECEIVING all of the good things in life.

You don’t have to punish yourself anymore.

You don’t have to sabotage your dreams to go back into your comfort zone that is riddled with fear, shame, guilt and anxiety.


It is SAFE for you to BE WHO YOU ARE.


It is SAFE for you to LOVE YOUR BODY.

It is SAFE for you to RECEIVE and BE WORTHY OF LOVE, ABUNDANCE, and all of the GOODNESS of life.

It is SAFE for you to LET GO and TRUST in the unknown.


No one is going to do this for you.

You are your own HERO.

Of course there will be those who guide and support and uplift you along the way.

But it’s never going to happen until you FEEL GOOD ENOUGH to make that happen and allow people to be there for you.


It is there for the taking.

It is up to you.

Not everyone is cut out for this work.

Only you can decide if this is your TRUE CALLING, knowing that everything you want in your life can flow to you as a result of you doing this WORK on yourself.

That the eating disorder, addictions, obsessions and dysfunctional patterns in your life are simply the obstacle that you need to overcome in order to realize your DREAMS.

There is no other way— if you want to be HAPPY, HEALTHY, SEXY and FREE.

The time is NOW.

What are you waiting for?

You can do this.

If I can do this, you can too.

I am no different or more special.

And I’ll be completely honest— sometimes this stuff comes up for me too.

No matter how far along I get in my journey, my empowerment and evolution— I still sometimes feel not good enough. But the difference is now is that I recognize it— and I DON’T LET IT STOP ME.

I stare the beast in the face and CONTINUE TO TAKE ACTION ANYWAYS.

The fear and shit will always come up at some point.

That’s why we just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

We were MADE for this. You were BORN for this.

You have so much DRIVE and DETERMINATION that you’ve never harnessed in this way, for your HIGHEST GOOD, and it is time that you re-direct this energy towards creating the most AMAZING, FULFILLING and meaningful life that you were BORN to CREATE.

You are SO POWERFUL, beautiful soul, don’t you ever forget that.




Now OWN THAT SHIT and go out there and make it HAPPEN.

Sending SOOOOOO much love and healing energy to you Beautiful Soul!!!

In light + love,


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