It is so common in our society to hate your body. To shame it, to criticize and focus so much on what we don’t like about our bodies.

We are constantly being bombarded with messages that make us feel bad about ourselves and our bodies. Here try this!! Buy this!! This will not only change your body but you will finally FEEL BETTER about yourself!!! Boom!!!

But how often do we chase and seek and strive for perfection only to end up more miserable, more frustrated and pissed off at ourselves because we FELL FOR IT AGAIN.


There is NOTHING OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF that can make you feel beautiful, radiate beauty + femininity and love yourself from the inside out.

I hear so many times over and over again that NO MATTER WHAT A WOMAN’S WEIGHT, they will still find things to be unhappy about if they truly don’t love themselves inside out. No matter if they are overweight, underweight or at a normal weight, if your perception doesn’t allow you to have positive feelings about your body, YOU WILL ALWAYS STRUGGLE with body image, low self esteem and self worth.

We must begin to become internally focused!! To source beauty and worth and approval FROM WITHIN

There is nothing or no one outside of you that can make you love yourself!!!

What we must do then is begin to learn how to ACCEPT yourself and ACCEPT your body, exactly as it is, exactly as you are, right now.

You are perfectly imperfect and its so important that you OWN this fact for yourself!!!

SURPRISINGLY ENOUGH… when we finally make PEACE with our body and learn to ACCEPT and LOVE it exactly the way it is….. is FINALLY when our body starts COOPERATING with us. FINALLY you can get to your set point and MAINTAIN that healthy set point weight for yourself and END the dieting and crazy making FOREVER!!!

Most women think its the other way around— that ONCE I get to that perfect WEIGHT or SIZE, THEN I WILL BE HAPPY and LOVE my body.


Sorry burst your bubble, but it doesn’t work like that.

You’ve gotta FIRST work towards LOVING and ACCEPTING your body RIGHT NOW— THEN it can go back to its natural spot where you want it to be.

THEN your body will start to respond because you are choosing to LOVE it, to take CARE of it and THEN it can start supporting you and being in alignment with your goals and dreams. EVEN IF that means you want to have a hot body!!!! Loving yourself and accepting your body does NOT mean that you are doomed to be fat or overweight or lazy the rest of your life.

What it DOES mean is that you are FREED from having to CONTROL, PUNISH and FORCE your body to do things it just doesn’t want to do.

It doesn’t want to do them because you’re just plain being mean to it.

Think about it, if you were mean to your best friend and you constantly criticized her, put her down and told her negative things about her ALL THE TIME, WOULD SHE WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOU????? Would she want to listen to you and do what you want her to do????


SO WHY would you assume that you can treat your body like this and actually have it DO what you WANT it to do????

It’s time you begin to LET GO the old ways of the past, because they are CLEARLY not working for you. You wouldn’t be here if they were 🙂

If you keep yo-yo dieting and your weight has fluctuated up and down for years and years, you feel like you just can’t get control of it, or you always feel out of control— you have to know that THERE IS NO DIET FORMULA OR WORKOUT PLAN OR ANY MAGIC BOOK OR PILL OR PLAN that is going to “FIX” YOU!!!!

You are actually not in need of being FIXED!!!

There is NOTHING wrong with your body!!

The problem lies in your RELATIONSHIP with your body. With the relationship with yourself.

This is where we begin the internal work, the work you must do on yourself.

It means that you have to STOP trying to CONTROL your body so much.

It means you have to MAKE FRIENDS with your body

It means you have to begin to speak to yourself kindly, lovingly and supportively

It means you have to stop criticizing your flaws and focusing on all the things you don’t like about your body

It means you have to stop comparing yourself to others

It means you have to begin to start setting your OWN STANDARDS FOR BEAUTY

One where you STOP MEASURING YOURSELF BY THE NUMBER ON THE SCALE and start measuring yourself ONLY BY ***HOW YOU FEEL***

This becomes our main focus— what is going to make you truly happy?? What is going to make you feel ALIVE??? What do you REALLY WANT for your life??

How do you want your relationship with your body to FEEL? How do you want your relationship with exercise to FEEL and LOOK LIKE and BE LIKE??

Do you want to make peace with your body finally, do you want to have ease and flow and effortlessness when it comes to food?

Do you want to FEEL GOOD about your food choices?

Do you want to eat what you want when you want it, without guilt, without shame or worrying if you should have eaten it or not??

Do you want to stop PUNISHING yourself with exercise and stop feeling like you have to EARN your food??

Are you sick and tired of trying to prove your worth and earn your keep with the people around you?

Feel like a burden and like your opinion and how you feel doesn’t matter, so you seek out the endless pursuit of gaining approval through your appearance and external pursuits??

I’m thinking about doing a WORKSHOP around this— how to learn to love and accept your body, how to have a good relationship with food, your body and exercise!!!

*****COMMENT BELOW if this feels like something you want to be involved in and learn more about!!!!!*****


Beautiful Soul, I want you to know today that you are beautiful INSIDE AND OUT!

That it doesn’t matter what anyone has told you in the past

It doesn’t matter what society says about what it’s standards of beauty are

The most important thing is that you learn to love and accept your body so you can feel REALLY REALLY AMAZING about yourself and be FREE!!!!

And I want to teach you HOW!!!!

Let me know if you are IN — to FINALLY learn once and for all HOW TO LOVE YOUR BODY, how to have an AMAZING relationship with food and exercise and begin to FEEL REALLY REALLY GOOD about yourself from the inside out!!!


Sending so much love and blessings your way beautiful soul!!!

In light + love,


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