I am so excited today!  My life gets me so excited to wake up every morning.

I am so grateful to even say this.  There were so many years of my life when I dreaded waking up in the morning.

When I didn’t want to go to sleep at night because I didn’t want to wake up.

Do you ever feel like this?  That you are just dragging yourself along, and life is just happening and whirling around you?

I know it can be difficult to show up in life when you feel like like is just happening around you and you feel a victim to your circumstances.

What would happen if you woke up to the possibilities for your life?

It is time to wake up, beautiful soul and begin to ACTIVELY CREATE what it is you WANT out of life!

You don’t have to sit back and wait for things to change.  They will never change unless you are out there making it happen, period!

Getting to full recovery and freedom means that you wake up and take responsibility for your life and your recovery.

It means empowering yourself enough to WAKE UP and start to really LIVE LIFE on your terms!

Taking responsibility means that you stop blaming others for your problems.

You stop playing a victim to circumstances.

You stop making excuses as to why you can’t change, why you can’t recover, why you can’t move forward in your life.

There will ALWAYS be things in the way.

There will ALWAYS be people who won’t support you.

The question is– will you let these things stop you?

How bad do you want it?

You are a powerful creator and when you realize this and wake up to this possibility, magical things can begin to happen in your life.

Suddenly you realize that YOU HAVE A CHOICE.

You can choose not to engage in the eating disorder anymore.

You can choose to pick yourself back up again after you fall, forgive yourself, and get back on the path.

It might take you some time to learn these new skills.

Just like learning to ride a bike– it’s not going to be perfect the first time.

You might even fall down and get messy.

But beautiful soul, it is so important that you simply get up and try again.

When you realize you are a creator you can begin to choose what you allow in your life and what you don’t.

You recognize that if you want something in your life then it is your job to go out and CREATE it in your life!!

Full recovery + freedom does NOT happen by accident.

It happens when you are ready to embrace life on life’s terms.

It happens when you are ready to heal EVERYTHING from your past.

It happens when you are ready to fall head-over-fucking-hells in LOVE with yourself!!!

It happens when you begin to look at recovery not as an act that you do sometimes– but rather a whole new way of BEING, a lifestyle, a CHOICE.

You CAN do this!!

It simply takes dedication, focus, and the right guidance and support.

I would love to help you along this path, beautiful soul!!

Come join our powerful sacred healing community now and join the #30DayFreedomChallenge!

Receive powerful daily video messages with exercises, journaling prompts and action steps that can help you take baby steps towards your dreams each and every day.

Because you are WORTH giving this great gift to yourself.

You deserve LIFE.

You deserve LOVE.

I believe in YOU!!!!

Come join our supportive and loving group today and join us in the #30DayChallenge!!

Get all the details here.

Sending so much love and healing energy your way beautiful soul!!!

In light + love,

image of eating disorder recovery coach

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