I can’t even tell you how many women come to me
Feeling broken, unworthy, alone
Who have grown up with this feeling that they are somehow different, they don’t fit in
And there is a need to change oneself
To fit the mold
To be accepted
To be liked and loved
And I can’t even tell you
How similar
All their stories are
And if we would just see
Through the pain
How our stories are unique
However there is a golden thread of truth,
Of commonality weaved within its folds
The beauty of the wounds
Is what connects us on a deeper level
This global consciousness where we are all ONE
Where you don’t have to feel alone anymore
Where you are free to be yourself
You are free to express yourself
And be a FREE awakened beautiful creative WILD and passionate woman
Embracing all of your fullness
To the depths of your being
That are yearning to come forth
In truth, in beauty, in love
To be an extension of source
Of the YOU who you truly are
Before the stories
Before the programming
Before you were told you shouldn’t be this way, or that
That you shouldn’t feel that
That it’s bad to be bold, or take up space, or have an opinion, or love deeply to the fullest
Because you might get hurt
You might get rejected
You might feel pain and shame around who you are and what you feel
And you believed it
You held back
You shut down
You didn’t say it
You didn’t feel it
And eventually
This illusion became truth
And became lodged in the fiber of your unconscious
Where you didn’t even know
You believed it
And it became who you are
The woman who is self conscious
Who cares too much about what others think
Who shrinks
Who feels like she doesn’t have a voice
Who criticizes, berates and beats herself up
Who craves connection but is terrified of it
Who puts up walls to stay safe
Never feeling quite good enough
The people pleaser
The one who gives but never receives
The one who makes sure everyone else is happy
Except yourself who is screaming on the inside
Dying to get out
Feeling trapped
The woman who believes her worth lies in
Doing doing doing
Outward appearances
Earning her keep
Struggling for perfection
And one day comes
When you wake up and realize that it doesn’t mean shit
That you don’t like who you’ve become
That the things you’ve been doing
Are not fulfilling
And you are not happy
Everything is falling apart around you
And it is in these moments where we feel most alone
When we feel broken in need of being fixed
Lost and lonely seeking
Where we are searching for the answer
That one thing or person who will save you
And the truth is
There is nothing wrong with you
You are not broken
You are not in need of being fixed
Rather all it takes is believing
In yourself
That you can do this
That you have everything inside of you already that you need
In order to transform, to evolve
To go after your dreams
To find fulfillment
Joy in the simple pleasures
Happiness, love, bliss, freedom, empowerment, connection, passion, purpose, meaning
What you truly want
That the traumas you have endured
Are here to help you grow
To help you find your unique gifts and talents
You begin to pull gems of wisdom from your pain
And suddenly you feel this and know this with every fiber of your being
That you can overcome
You are not your past
You are not what they told you you are
You are not worthless
In fact you are LOVE at your very core
And when you begin to strip back the layers
Cracking wide open the shell of your former self
When you become willing to surrender
Everything you’ve known
Everything you’ve become
Everything that is comfortable and safe and normal for you
In that space where you are scared and raw and messy and vulnerable
Letting go
You begin to access your place of power
To finally become
Who you really are
That beautiful amazing powerful and radiant soul that you know lives
Deep within the recesses of your being
Desiring to be known
To be birthed
To come forward through you and to you
Your intuitive nature is calling
Who you are, your true authentic self is here
She’s whispering to you now
To awaken and unfold
All her beauty and splendor
You will know when it is time
To finally break free
To bust through your barriers
To push through what is holding you back and keeping you stuck
To find strength through whatever hardship or obstacle is thrown into your path
To never ever give up
Because you know it’s worth it
You know that what you are desiring
Has already chosen you
And it’s not a matter of IF
It’s a matter of when
And all you have to do
Is take that next right step
Towards realizing
All that you’re becoming
Trusting and allowing
In full faith you step into the light
Finally understanding that you are enough
That you are loved and supported by Life itself
And you begin to source your worth from within
Where it is deeply cultivated and runs abundantly
Filling you up
In gratitude bliss and wonder
Aligning with your Highest Good
You begin to be guided from within
Peaceful and light
Understanding now
How easy it is
When you step into the flow
When you stop trying to control, or pretend, or change yourself to fit the external
And rather accept and love yourself for who you really are
Flaws and all
Your authentic nature shines bright on all who come to see
Wondering now
How did I ever believe
That I wasn’t enough
Expressing gratitude for the pain, the sorrows, the hardships
Because without them, without the journey
I would not be
who I am. 😊

In light + sending you massive healing energy waves of love,

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