I hear this SO many times, over and over.  And in fact, I was GUILTY of this exact fucking mindset myself for many years!!

*I don’t know HOW to do it!!*
*I’m not ready.*
*I’m not there yet.*
*I need to learn more.*
*I don’t know HOW to do it.*
*I need to do this first…*
*I need to be this first…*
*I need to have this first…*
Whatever it is.
Its all. The. Same. Excuse.
We know SO much!!!  And yet there is a HUGE part of this that denies this.
This part wants to protect us, keep us safe and doesn’t want us to change.
Because if we did, we would have to grow.
We would have to get uncomfortable.
We would have to endure pain and suffering — emotionally, mentally and yes, sometimes physically.
So the problem isn’t that you don’t know HOW to do it.
You know how to do this.
You just DON’T WANT to.
Not all the way at least.
I get it, it’s totally okay.
We have all the knowledge and wisdom inside of us already, yet it’s easy to get distracted and think that we need to know *MORE* in order to *DO* it.
Knowledge is nothing without application.
Isn’t it amazing the things that we *know* nowadays!?
On the internet, we can get “5 Simple Steps to Anything” at our fingertips.  There is so much free content, so many people claiming to have the answer— to get their free gift, to read their oodles of content and watch my videos, blah blah blahhhhh.
Especially in the area of self development and personal growth.  And in this case, your eating disorder recovery (but in my humble opinion not quite as much *Quality* info out there on how to actually break FREE from your ED, which is why I do what I do with so much passion, but I digress…)
But what are you doing with it, beautiful soul?
It can be such an easy tendency for us to use the seeking and reading and researching as a DISTRACTION.
I see this all the time, and I used to be this way!!  That seeking and searching out different ways to *FIX* myself became a way to AVOID DOING THE WORK.
That you think, *“OMG this one thing over here, this diet plan or workout plan or person or book or workshop or training or treatment center— THIS one is going to have the ANSWER!!  THIS one is FINALLY going to FIX me!!”*
You dive headfirst into this thing, wholeheartedly or maybe foolishly believing that it’s going to be different.  After all, you finally figured out what is WRONG with you, and here’s a way to FIX or get that magical CURE you were looking for.
But what happens is— that diet plan, or workout plan, or book, or workshop or training — we expect things to MAGICALLY be different.
We put in some effort in the beginning, we might even start to do the work.  To learn, to shift or to apply whatever it is that we got ourselves into.  Whatever shiny object was in front of us at the time.
But then eventually what happens is we get burned out.
The thing we thought was going to give us the ANSWER actually turned out to backfire on us.
It was good for a while— it gave us the HIGH, the RUSH that we were looking for but did not provide the DEEPER SHIFTS needed to create a PERMANENT CHANGE in our life.
It was temporary.
It was awesome for a while.
But it did NOT last.
And then there is some spin inside your mind that tells you…
“SEE… I told you, you couldn’t change.”
“You are so fucked up, what is WRONG with you!?”
How often is this your experience?
I see this time and time again and can relate because I DID IT MYSELF for SO long.
The truth is– if you’re ready to hear it– is that… THERE IS NO ANSWER.
NOTHING out there can “fix” you.
There is no PERFECT program.
There is no PERFECT approach.
Do you want to know what IS??
Do you want to know THE SECRET??
YOU are your recovery plan.
Your recovery plan is to find all the ways in which you want and need to grow, and then challenge yourself to go there. 
To dive deep into it. To heal yourself from the inside out.
I still don’t understand how some people are afraid of going within.
I LIVE for this shit.
Growing, evolving, transformation– is my LIFE!!!  I wouldn’t be here had I not fallen in LOVE with getting to know myself better.
THAT is the plan.
Your recovery journey is growing into and developing a beautiful relationship with yourself.  
THAT is the ANSWER!!!
Only YOU can heal yourself.
Everything you need to heal is already inside of you.
ALL YOU NEED is a way to access it.
Recovery isn’t about taking someone’s external plan and slapping it into your life and then trying to follow it.  Because then when you FAIL miserably at it you feel horribly bad about yourself, ridden with guilt and shame thinking “what the fuck is wrong with me!!?” 
Plus most of the recovery shit is the same anyways, right?!
I mean you logically *know* what to do– stop binging and purging, stop restricting, eat 3 meals plus 2-3 snacks, stop overexercising, stop abusing laxatives and stop the binging.
Gain weight, lose weight, get back to your normal BMI weight according to the “rules” as to where your body is “supposed” to be.
You know what to do– but that’s not why we are here.
I know you know * what* to do– that is NOT the problem!!
The problem is that you feel fucked up because you can’t figure out WHY YOU JUST CAN’T DO IT.
I have news for you– there’s NOTHING wrong with you.
Sure you might have a bunch of fucked up shit going on up inside your head right now.
I know– I am a trauma survivor, I’ve been raped and grew up with incredibly low self esteem, hating and punishing myself with the eating disorder, drugs and addictions for many many years.
YES, I was pretty fucked up back then I’ll admit!!  My mindset made me feel CRAZY and I didn’t feel in control of my life for long periods of time.
AND YET STILL there wasn’t anything wrong with me.
I was just lost.
I lost who I was.
I lost my belief in myself, in life, in everything.
But what I tried back then– and I tried a LOT of things– none of it really worked.
I tried inpatient treatment centers, intensive outpatient treatment, multiple different support groups (OA, EDA, AA, NA), online forums and support groups, read books by the million, saw sooo many different therapists, counselors, psychiatrists and doctors on what the hell to do about all these problems I had.
None of them had the answer.
What I realized many years into recovery was that I simply needed to find WHAT WORKED FOR ME.
This is what recovery is all about.
It’s about finding what feels good on a deeper soul level. 
It’s about finding true fulfillment in your life and pursuing what it is that
makes you feel ALIVE. 
It’s about growing in this relationship with yourself so that you finally fall in love with yourself and your life!! 
This is when you start taking action because you *want* to, not because you *have* to.
This is why I say you already KNOW exactly what to do.
And why it’s ultimately NOT going to work.
Because if it was going to work and you wanted to do it, you’d be doing already, right?!?
Now what it is all about is discovering what you actually WANT to do.
Recovery is born out of a desire of your SOUL, rather than something someone else says you should do. In their way.  On their terms.
It will NEVER work that way.
In the long term it won’t.
You might see temporary relief and change but if you actually don’t find the way to develop yourself and grow and learn and evolve in your relationship with yourself in a way that feels good to you, you won’t keep doing it.
You’ll relapse every time.
And I’m not being negative here, it’s literally just the story of EVERY single woman that I’ve ever worked with.
It’s time to stand up and DEMAND for yourself a higher level of quality recovery that you FUCKING deserve!!!
A recovery process that feels GOOD to you, that WORKS and allows you to grow and evolve into the woman that you were always meant to become!!
A recovery blueprint that is not one-size-fits all, but rather EXACTLY WHAT IT IS THAT YOU NEED AND WANT TO WORK ON along your own personal recovery journey, on YOUR time and on YOUR terms!! 
And while you are growing along the path, to have a recovery community to surround you and uplift you that believes in YOU, in your innate goodness, your magnificent SOUL, and that supports you and loves you without ANY judgment around where you’re at or what you’re currently doing!!
A recovery approach that just helps YOU be more of the YOU that you want to be!! 
For Intuitive Stressed Out Perfectionistic Successful Women Who are Scared and Overwhelmed yet are READY to Connect, Heal and Transform from the Inside Out so that they can Break FREE and Create a Life they LOVE!!
For women who know in their hearts they were BORN FOR MORE.
Who are ready to step up, learn more about their beautiful soul and discover who they really are without their eating disorder.
Who are ready to create their own recovery plan and stop trying to FIX themselves from the outside in following someone else’s plan.
Who are ready to do the DEEPER WORK that sustained, full and permanent recovery requires.
I know you have what it takes, beautiful soul!!
I will be teaching and training you on EVERYTHING you need to know on how to do this!!!
Inside the monthly program we will cover topics such as–
  • Become an intuitive eater
  • Develop a loving relationship with exercise
  • Love and trust your body
  • How to love yourself
  • Heal yourself on every level– physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually
  • Become your true authentic self and let go of the eating disorder
  • Overcome anxiety, depression and PTSD
  • Reprogram your mind
  • Emotional healing and release work
  • Forgiveness for yourself and others
  • Heal your relationships and create new more fulfilling ones that support you
  • Empower yourself to break free
  • And much much more!!
Wanna get all the juicy deets on how this works??
Click here to learn more—> RecoverySoulTribe.com
I believe in you.
I know you may be afraid.
I know you might not know if this is going to “work.”
I’ve been where you’ve been and I know how much I didn’t trust and doubted myself.  I didn’t know if I could do it.
But I made that DECISION to grow into WANTING to do this work on myself.
You don’t have to believe it is possible *yet.*  All you have to do is take that next step to get started, and the way will be shown to you.
The best part is that in this program is that you get to create your own unique recovery blueprint, and do it in a way that feels good and works for you.
It doesn’t matter where you are in your recovery, if you feel that you are sick and tired and have had ENOUGH of the eating disorder, then this program is right for you!!
It doesn’t matter how much you weigh, it doesn’t matter how bad your behaviors are, it doesn’t matter how CRAZY you feel on the inside, this program can help you wherever you are at.
If you are on the fence about doing an online program, know that you can join today and test the community out for 30 days, and if it’s not right for you then you can leave, hassle-free and won’t be charged after that.  You can cancel anytime you feel that it is not in alignment with your path.
But of course, I know that once you make that decision to COMMIT, you will fall in LOVE with the high level of support, love and nurturing that our 70+ badass recovery warriors offer as they give of their hearts, encouragement and personal stories in our Sacred Healing Community.
I know you will start to really get used to learning and growing and stretching yourself with the powerful videos lessons, that you’ll just want to keep going and going.
I know you will start to really feel more of your true authentic self, you’ll start to really make progress and you’ll want to stay forever.
I mean, come on, that’s why I named it the “Soul Tribe.”  If you resonate with this, you are my SOUL SISTER, dear one, and this is your call to step up and join this POWERFUL community today.
Do it for yourself.  Make the decision to choose YOU.
It’s a decision that I know you won’t regret.
The DOORS CLOSE tonight at 12 MIDNIGHT EST TIME so get in NOW to get started on your own personal recovery journey!!!  Click here —-> www.RecoverySoulTribe.com
You deserve to give this great gift of recovery to yourself.
Sending soooo much love and healing energy to you today, beautiful soul!!!
In light + love,
Lauren Love
P.S. There are only 28 spots left — make sure you grab your seat now and start your freedom journey today!!!

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