How do you know you’re enough?

How do you know you are worthy?

How do you know you are deserving?

How do you NOT know you are these things?

From children, we are not inherently taught these things.

For most of us, we are brought up believing that we aren’t enough, we aren’t worthy or deserving and we sure as hell have to EARN our place.  We have to PROVE ourselves through our actions, through what we do.

Do you relate to this?

SO many women I work with struggle with this same fact, they truly believe inside that — “I am not worthy or deserving of life, love, happiness, joy, or even recovery.  I am not enough, I am not doing enough, I will never be perfect enough.”

In recovery one of the biggest SHIFTS to make is to step into FEELING ENOUGH.  Shifting into feeling worthy and deserving and claiming what is rightfully yours.

A woman said to me, but HOW do you KNOW?

There is the ED voice inside that will constantly tell you otherwise, and I’m sure you have probably believed it your whole life.

I’m here to tell you that’s not true, but HOW DO YOU KNOW??

You listen to that little voice inside.

The voice that may whisper, it may not be dominant yet, but that voice that is who you really are.

The voice of your true authentic self.

Try this quick exercise:

If you can for a minute take some deep breaths, and ask the eating disorder, the ego to step aside.


Allow your true authentic self to be present here in your body.


Drop down into it.  Feel it.  Know it.  Sense it.


And ask her, “How do I know I’m worthy?”




Write down what she says.


This part of you will say, “Of COURSE you are worthy and deserving.  You deserve all of the good things in life!!”

But how do you know that you are worthy?  Deserving?  Enough?

You know by how you feel.

You know because you hear what this part of you says and you resonate with it at the deepest level.

You know because you realize that everything you’ve ever believed about the world feels wrong– because it’s led you down this path of using the ED, and that sure as hell doesn’t feel good (in the long run).

What does feel good is believing that you are worthy and deserving and capable and ENOUGH.

When you ask your true authentic self what the truth is, she will tell you.

Then you will know.

Knowing and believing you are worthy and deserving doesn’t come from the outside.

You can’t have someone tell you.  Nothing outside of you is going to ‘validate’ this knowing.

You have to truly OWN it yourself.

Darling just fucking OWN it!!!

That you are brilliant, you are Divine, and you DESERVE all of the good things in life. 

This is what LIFE is all about.

Claiming your POWER and PRESENCE as a wild Divine woman.

Knowing and believing with all your heart that this being inside you is utterly and completely loved, fully supported, and is more than ENOUGH.

This being inside you is WORTHY and DESERVING of the GOODNESS.

Repeat after me:

I am worthy.

I am deserving.


I deserve a good life.  

I deserve good health.

I deserve love, from myself and others.

I deserve joy and happiness and freedom and full recovery!!


How does that feel when you say those things to yourself?

This is how you know.

You know by how you feel. 

They may feel strange or foreign, but deep down these words resonate with your soul.

On the deepest level, you feel that, yeahh this feels right and true and in alignment with who I really am.

It feels right and true and in alignment with the woman that I am growing into, the woman I am destined to become. 

For me to fully embrace my power and take my life back, I must believe these things are true, otherwise what would be the point?

There is no ‘proof’ out there that is going to tell you or show you that you are “ENOUGH.”

You just have to fucking stand up and say, THIS IS HOW I WANT IT TO BE.  This is what I CLAIM for myself.  

I KNOW I’m enough.  I KNOW I’m worthy.  I KNOW I’m deserving.

I just have to BELIEVE it now!!

If you’re going through this, you know what I mean.

It sometimes takes a while for our beliefs to become implanted in our subconscious mind.

That is okay!

As long as you keep telling yourself and repeating this and reminding yourself of these facts, it will eventually feel true and you will believe it with every level of your being.

So what is the TRUTH about who you really are?

How can you OWN your worthiness?  How can you OWN your ENOUGH-NESS?

Believe it, baby, but don’t take my word for it.

Ask within and receive your own answers.

These is an entire world within you that is just waiting to be discovered.

Once you make friends with this being, she will begin to guide you in the most wondrous of ways.

You will begin to take more action that is in alignment with who you really are.

And this is what the core of this work is all about.

Who you are is enough.

Who you are is deserving.

Who you are is worthy.

Who you are is capable and powerful and strong and wise.

All you have to do is tap into it.

Allow this part of you to come up and express itself.

Then you will know.

YOU ARE WORTHY and DESERVING beautiful soul!!


Today, allow yourself to do some journaling on this topic.  Allow yourself to go deeper into the exercise above and ask your true self, “How do I know I am worthy?” and listen for the answer.  I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised by what comes up!

Let me know how that goes!!

I believe in you, and I know you can do this.

I know the road may seem long and difficult, but I know you have what it takes.

OWN your worthiness today!

What would happen if you OWNED this TRUTH about who you really are?!?!


In light + love,



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