Free Loving The Self Photo Frame Poster

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Download your Self-Love Poster here!!  Right click this link and ‘save target as’ to save to your computer.


Print out the poster and insert a happy picture of yourself inside of the frame.


Put it somewhere in your house, your bedroom, on your desk, in your bathroom or anywhere you will see it often to remind yourself that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT.


Your beauty comes from within, from who you are at your essence.  When you realize this and start loving yourself for who you are inside, you will have accessed the power of self-love and you will be ready to allow yourself to fully heal and recover from your eating disorder!


Our bodies natural state is one of health, radiance and beauty and you too are worthy of having the gift of health.  You are the only person who can love yourself and learning self love is one of the most powerful things you will learn in your eating disorder recovery!


You are worthy of and deserve your own self love!!

Quick exercise in learning what is self love:

Look in the mirror and gaze into your own eyes.  Say “I love you, ______(insert your own name).  I deeply and completely love and accept you exactly as you are!”  Great job, now give yourself a big hug!!  Repeat daily.

I love you!



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