You have truly taken great strides beautiful soul, and just imagine continuing to take baby steps each day. In this way we don’t see the incremental change, but like you said when you look back you can’t believe how different it was back then!

In the same way this is how you will continue to evolve with food. Once you reach your set point, then we begin to train on intuitive eating. First you would start with one snack– you begin to wean off the meal plan with whatever parameters we set. Some women simply eat whatever they feel their body needs at that time– but no planning. Others choose to have maybe a protein and carb for that snack but not plan ahead of time, rather eat intuitively for those choices whatever they want/ need at the time. We figure out what works and what feels good and we expand from there.

Remember these are simply skills that we must practice and master. Eventually you begin to tune into your body, beginning to know your hunger and full cues. We begin to learn feedback from your body, as you have already been doing, and use it to know what you’re hungry for and when. It will fluctuate greatly. You still maintain the structure of time to space meals/snacks but become less and less rigid when it comes to planning. We expand from one snack, to meals as you learn this new way of eating. And over time and with PRACTICE, choosing food at those times becomes easy and natural. It becomes your new normal.

As you begin to take your focus/energy off food, it is helpful to have a new source of focus, somewhere to channel this energy into. This is an amazing time to explore new hobbies and passions you think you might enjoy. You will no longer worry or obsess about food and this frees up so much of your time! Imagine what you can do with this energy!

In this way, food becomes just food. By learning to tune into your body, we take the emotion/mind out of it and eat to nourish and love your body’s temple. There will be fears to go through and emotions that will come up all along the process, and eventually you say goodbye once and for all to the eating disorder. You will know when you are ready. You will wake up one day and suddenly realize you’re finally free. You feel confident and know you will never go back to that life again.

Overall remember this is all an expression of love for yourself, to treat yourself well and nourish yourself with the food. Since you have learned how to eat intuitively, this is never too much or too little. It’s exactly what your body wants and needs at the time and sometimes it’s more and sometimes it’s less, it doesn’t matter either way. You honor the cycles and rhythms of your body with the changing of seasons, of cycles. Your body continues to evolve and you learn to appreciate it for what it is, a vehicle for your soul. A vessel to call home, and when freed from the bondage of ed, you begin to experience the heights of joy and love and empowerment that you could have never imagined. You are free to go after your dreams.

In light + love,


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