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3 Month Foundational Course


With Lauren Love, the World’s Leading Expert on Claiming Full Recovery and Freedom

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Are you struggling in your recovery?

Do you feel broken, lost and alone?

Do you hate your body and know you have a problem with food, exercise or other dysfunctional restrictive, binge/purge or other addictive behaviors?

Do you not EVER feel good enough for anything you do?

Do you beat yourself up and are constantly criticizing yourself?

Can’t ever speak up or say how you REALLY feel?

Do you so badly want and crave connection but can’t seem to get your needs met?

You’ve been “in recovery” for years but what you’ve tried hasn’t worked and you’re wondering if you’ll EVER be able to break free or if its even possible for you?


Finally… The “Answer” You’ve Been Looking For

image of recovery for bulimia and eating disorders helpMillions of women and men all over the world struggle with and are treated for eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, orthorexia, overexercising, EDNOS, have body image issues and abuse laxatives or diet pills.  It is a debilitating disorder that many “professionals” claim it is a “dis-ease” that you will never fully recover from and traditional treatment can be ineffective and counterproductive, teaching you only how to “cope with” and “manage” your symptoms the rest of your life.


This is downright NOT TRUE.

There is HOPE!!!  I am here to tell you that it is totally POSSIBLE for YOU to recover and HEAL 100% from your eating disorder and I’d love to teach you how…

Do you want to stop feeling ashamed, guilty, anxious, fearful, trapped and controlled by the eating disorder?
Do you want to make peace with food and your body and truly learn how to love your body and eat intuitively, without dieting, controlling or restricting your food?
Do you want to finally stop struggling and battling the eating disorder for good and fully recover?

If you answered YES, then this course is for YOU.

The How to Heal Your Eating Disorder 3 Month Foundational Course is an online program and sacred healing community that is designed for you if you are a woman who wants to change your relationship with yourself, food and your body so that you can heal on every level, gaining freedom from all dysfunctional eating disorder behaviors/thought patterns to create the life of your dreams.

My name is Lauren Love and I personally struggled and battled an eating disorder and other mental “dis-eases” for over 10 years.  Over the years I was diagnosed with and treated for anorexia, bulimia, PTSD, severe depression, anxiety, drug addiction, and bipolar disorder.

I have successfully healed myself and have broken free from ALL of the dysfunction and I am going to show you EXACTLY how I did it– and how I’ve helped hundreds and thousands of others to do the same– so that you can heal and recover and gain true freedom from your eating disorder too.

I designed this program to give you the mind-shifts and breakthroughs you need to gain freedom from the eating disorder, fall in love with life and yourself again and become who you really are, your true authentic self.


Why you CAN’T have a life FREE of the eating disorder:

  • You don’t know what the ROOT CAUSE of the eating disorder is or what exactly needs healing so you can let it go FOR GOOD
  • Technically you know WHAT to do, you just don’t know HOW to do it
  • You don’t love yourself or your body (or you might even hate yourself and your body)
  • You have low self esteem, confidence, and never feel good enough
  • You don’t believe in yourself, don’t believe you are worthy or even if it is possible for you to fully recover
  • Your emotions, fears, anxieties and the ED are controlling you and you’re stuck in extremes, rules or black and white thinking
  • You have limiting beliefs, traumas or old wounds that block your progress but you don’t know how to get past them
  • You don’t have a vision for your recovery or can’t imagine life without the ED
  • You don’t know how to navigate “real life” outside of a treatment center setting
  • You don’t know who you are without the eating disorder
  • You can’t seem to get the support you need from others and your relationships suffer as a result
  • You don’t have the guidance, coaching and accountability from a like-minded soul who has been through the exact same thing
  • You don’t have a community of sacred healing warriors to support you, love you and relate to you so you can feel like you’re not alone on this journey

This program is for you if you want to:

  • Gain a new understanding, clarity and understanding into why the eating disorder developed to identify the root cause of the eating disorder, what purpose it is serving in your life and how to heal it
  • Develop a healthy relationship with yourself, learn to love your body and make peace with food as you learn how to eat intuitively
  • Learn how to love and trust yourself, explore what feels good and discover what works for you in your own recovery journey
  • Shift your mindset and gain a new positive perspective on recovery and how to heal and change your life permanently
  • Reveal the negative and dysfunctional eating disorder behavior/thought patterns and break free of them by conscious actions, innovative techniques and massive support
  • Build self esteem, confidence and self worth as you bust through your fears and discover new ways on how to effectively process through and release your emotions and ED thoughts so they don’t control you
  • Learn how to dis-identify from the eating disorder voice and discover who you really are without your ED
  • Connect with your true authentic self within and heal on a deeper soul level
  • Practice authentically connecting with others, sharing your experience and learn how to gain support and get your needs met using authentic communication skills in your relationships
  • Create your vision and download an entirely new belief system for your recovery and your life as you let go of the ED and discover your passion and purpose in life
  • Empower yourself to heal on every level– physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually– and begin to believe it is possible for you too to fully recover
  • Finally feel heard, loved, supported and safe within the community and with the lead coaches who create and hold space for you to evolve along your path

The bottom line is that you are going to learn how to grow, heal and transform yourself from the inside out to move towards being COMPLETELY FREE from your eating disorder and all of its dysfunction to follow your dreams and create a life you LOVE.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our clients do the talking!

“My life was full of anxiety, secrets, shame, isolation, low energy, negativity and poor health and I was never ‘good enough’ and I always felt empty inside.   I now feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I am free and feel more at peace with myself.  I am genuinely enjoying being ‘in the moment’ and it’s like I am seeing the world through a new set of lenses!  I feel happy and content and excited about what life has in store for me now.

The program is unbelievably good value for money.  Your services provided a roadmap to find true recovery and the tools to overcome any obstacles along the way.  If you commit 100% to working the program and you truly want to recover and are ready to ‘let the Eating Disorder go,’   Lauren will help facilitate this amazing transformation in your life.    Peace, freedom, happiness and self acceptance will  be yours.” 


New Zealand

The work I have been fortunate to do with Lauren has given me the first genuine platform on which I have been truly able to change the direction of my life.  There are few words powerful enough to describe how miraculous this change has been; every day, I am still reveling in the wonder that I am living a life without my eating disorder – for the first time in 20 years.

I could never have imagined in a million years the joy and the passion I feel now – the peace I feel with myself and the love I have for so many wonderful things in my life.  These programs are not just about recovering from an eating disorder.  They are real opportunities for incredible change, and a chance to have a really beautiful life.


Ontario, Canada

In this powerful 3 month course experience, you will receive:


You will receive 9 comprehensive modules delivered to you over the 3 months we will spend diving deep together.  Each week will introduce foundational concepts, practical tools and simple application so that you can begin to implement and see changes immediately in how you feel, in your relationships and how you approach recovery and your life.


For every week of content, you will receive a 60-90 minute webinar that will walk you step by step how to change your life on every level.  This course is designed so that you can learn and implement the concepts right away, work through the material at your own pace– on your laptop, phone or on the go with the downloadable audios while building momentum and creating massive shifts in your life.


Hearing Lauren’s story and how she’s helped hundreds of women fully recover is so important because you will finally feel like you are not alone.  Our sacred healing homework materials help you create a loving, safe, empowering space for yourself to express and tap into your true self, while gaining strength, hope and support.

Ready to discover How to Heal YOUR Eating Disorder?

Yes! Let me in NOW!
Hi Lauren, thank you for all of your support, guidance, and kind words.  After 15 years of therapy, inpatient ed programs, etc I can honestly say that your materials are more effective and relevant than anything else I’ve encountered. Madison


“Katie believed in you and truly believed the information you shared was the most helpful and realistic approach to helping yourself reclaim your life.  Thank you so much for being there when she felt so alone with no where to turn, no one in the medical or mental health community could reach her or support her in the way she needed to be, you did.” Ellen Bennett

Livonia, NY

“My life is forever changed since taking the leap of faith to work with Lauren” Nicole

New Jersey

Think about it like this…

If you wanted to learn how to learn a new skill, or gain a degree or get certified in something, what would you do?  You would take a class or go back to school or find someone who knows how to do what you want to do and you learn it from them.  So why should learning about how to heal your eating disorder be any different?

It’s not.  I have taught literally hundreds and thousands of women all over the world these concepts, tools, tips, tricks and techniques to help you grow beyond your current skill set.  If you already knew HOW, wouldn’t you have done it by now?  There is a reason why my clients continue to work with me year after year, because they keep learning new skills, challenging themselves to go beyond their boundaries and create a life of passion, freedom and fulfillment without the eating disorder.

For less than the cost of 1 day in a treatment center…

You too can receive my most valuable course to date.  This is a comprehensive program that offers massive value in course materials and coaching hours itself.  I have never taught this level of content and powerful wisdom outside of my private coaching Empowerment Program, which costs thousands of dollars to invest in and work with me one on one.  Here you are receiving a massive discount on this value packed program for less than the cost of a college course.

You are worthy of giving this great gift to yourself…

Give me three months and I will help you get your life back.  I know how powerless and out of control it can feel, and I am on your side.  We will do this together to help empower you to break free.  You are not broken.  There is nothing wrong with you.  You simply need to learn the skills it takes to evolve beyond the eating disorder’s death grip.  You can do this too.  Know that whatever the eating disorder is saying to you right now, you are so worthy and deserving of giving this great gift to yourself.  Investing in my own coaches, personal growth programs and courses has been the single greatest thing that has transformed my life and facilitated my evolution to the space I am right now.  I would be honored and grateful to guide you and show you the way.

“I want to start straight off by telling you, so sincerely, that you have been such a catalyst for change in my life and I am so grateful that I have your presence in my life.” Sarah M.


So much has changed in a few short months – I can actually relax for the first time; I can put myself first without any overwhelming sense if guilt; I’m more productive, successful and confident in my work; and I’m happier and healthier than I’ve been for years.  And this all feels totally awesome!  I can actually see what’s going on around me and appreciate it rather than trying to control it.  I found a motivation to take back myself that I didn’t have before.  Helen


It Doesn’t Matter…

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been struggling with the eating disorder. how long you’ve been in recovery for eating disorders. how much treatment you’ve had or not had, or how much weight you’ve gained, lost or currently weigh.

All that matters is that you know you can’t go on like this anymore, you are sick of struggling and battling it and you are now OPEN, READY and WILLING to CHANGE!

Here’s all the amazing value you will receive over the 3 months:

Payment Plan Option

  • 9 Webinars 60-90 Minute Teaching with Lauren plus downloadable slides to follow along
  • 9 Powerful Workbooks to guide your journey
  • Healing Meditations, Bonuses, Worksheets and Downloads
  • Easy to Navigate Course Homepage
  • Access to Modules week by week
  • 3 Convenient Low Monthly Payments
  • Payment Plan Option only $397/mo for 3 months
YES, I'm ready to Join NOW!

Don’t Miss Out On This Incredible Deal!

I am not sure if I will EVER offer this program again in this capacity, so make sure to get in now.

If what I'm sharing resonates with you and you're ready to join the How to Heal Your Eating Disorder 3 Month Foundational Course Now, click the button below to get started!


I believe Lauren is an absolute miracle-worker-God-sent angel into my life.  I have been to a couple of in patient treatments for my ED, but I always reverted back when I got back into my normal life.  Lauren was the first person who has demonstrated what it is like to be fully recovered, and that I can do that too!

Most treatments focus on getting you to “highly functional,” which I always found discouraging.  I don’t want to live with this forever.  I want to go live my life, not a highly functioning life.  Lauren’s course is a linear and logical system to get you to heal on all levels, body, mind, and spirit.  There is not set plan, she let’s everyone do what is best for them.

Her thoughts and insights into my situation have been invaluable.  I have seen so much progress within a couple of months of working with her.  I am already nourishing my body and spirit and feeling like a new, positive person. She is a blessing.

Alisha B.


I’ve never worked with someone like you and it has been remarkable, truly.  At the risk of sounding cliché’, the experience has been nothing less than transformational.  You’ve been a perfect match for helping me find insight and guiding me to uncover my own answers. Years of mis-belief and misguided thoughts have begun to fall away.  You are so buoyant and skilled and you provide true hope and real tools.

Anyone is lucky if they have you in their corner.  I’ve felt you were in mine from our first session and will carry that with me, hopefully always. You are eminently good at what you do, and your heart is filled to the brim with love for others.  You have a gift, and you certainly are a gift to me.  Thank you so very, very much.



Working with Lauren and Healing for Eating Disorders program was EXACTLY – and I cannot stress the word enough – what I had desperately been searching for. I felt UNDERSTOOD. Someone knew me. Knew that I wasn’t a “dented can” as they say in some recovery programs, I wasn’t destined to struggle the rest of my life, this whole ED was NOT going to define my days and the rest of my life. Lauren knew this about me because she had faced this opposition herself! She, too, said “Hell no!” when “recovery specialists” tried to say she was in denial, that she would die of this, that it was a lifelong disease. That is the voice that I had been longing for – because I felt that way! I knew I had work to do, deep work, the deepest work of my life. And Lauren was able to see what I needed to do, to face, to change to be free. She always says that I did the work, but she had to SEE it. I didn’t know what I need to do. She was a teacher in every sense of the word.

Now my life is full – full because I can actually FEEL it.  I have MY LIFE now. I am LIVING each day open and free. I have been untethered from the chains of an eating disorder. And I love myself, my life, and all it’s moments together. The relationships I have grow deeper every day. This does not mean they’re always easy, though. But I can appreciate the growth and challenge of them. I come from love for myself and love for the other person and am able to move through challenges now. I’m not stuck in the pain of internalizing my struggles, blaming myself, coping with an eating disorder or punishing myself with an eating disorder. The challenges of life are singular – they do not take me back to traumas felt earlier in life. I’m free! And I look forward to each day.

Katie W.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this program is for me?

This program is for you if:

You are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to change your relationship with food, yourself and your body

You know deep down that you deserve to have a better life and be free

You are open to receive coaching, suggestions and take massive actions towards your dreams

You are clear that my authentic, heart-centered and intuitive coaching style is a match for you

You are ready to devote your time, energy and commit in these 3 months to your healing work and challenge yourself to move towards full recovery

What is the time commitment for the program?

What you put into the program is what you get out of it.  We recommend spending at least 30 minutes a day on your recovery work.  This is your life!!  And great change requires time, money, effort, energy and sometimes sacrice.  If you started your day with 30 minutes of recovery work every single day for 3 months– to listen to the webinars, practice the concepts, do the journaling, complete the worksheets and implement what you are learning– there is no way that your life WOULDN’T transform magically before your eyes.



What if I am already working with a treatment team or therapist?

You can use the How to Heal Your Eating Disorder Program to supplement your current treatment program or as a stand-alone program to use on its own.

I’ve successfully used these steps, processes, tools and knowledge within this program with women who are currently seeking eating disorders treatment or seeing therapists, and also those who are not.

This program is especially for women who traditional treatment has not worked or for those who simply want a different approach to recovery for eating disorders and their life.

I’ve worked with clients while they were being treated in hospitals, treatment centers, seeing doctors, therapists, counselors, inpatient,  out-patient treatment programs, dietitians, and nutritionists so wherever you are along your recovery for eating disorders healing journey it can definitely benefit you by adding this program to your treatment program!

Will this program REALLY work for me?

The program is designed so that if you show up 100% and do the work, that you will experience a level of transformation and growth to take your life and recovery to the next level, absolutely.  I have had clients in my coaching programs who have had eating disorders and addictions for 30 to 40+ years, clients with 20+ hospitalizations and dozens of inpatient stays, all the way down to the client who has never sought treatment or help from any outside source, ever.  All who have benefitted from this type of internal and external work.  But these clients didn’t get these results by accident.  In order to get results, you have to CHOOSE TO TAKE ACTION.  

Your results will be completely determined by YOU and dependent on the energy, focus and conscious effort you put into this program as we work towards the clear intentions and goals you set for yourself during our work together.  It will be your responsibility to stay accountable to yourself, to your dreams, to the group and coaches throughout the program so that you can see and experience massive and magical results for yourself.

Please remember – my work only goes so far – because ultimately YOU HEAL YOURSELF.

As your coach and a member of our sacred healing community, I will empower you by providing you with the tools to do it, as well as guiding you along the path, inspiring you to believe in yourself, and we will all support you with open arms all along the way. 

What is your refund policy?
I understand that this is an investment in my growth and freedom and that we do not offer refunds.  The reason being is that we want you to be committed and show up for yourself and the program 100%.  If you are dissatisfied with the course or have any questions about your purchase please email our Healing Coordinator at and we would be happy to arrange alternate accommodations.

Can you Feel the Healing Power of Our Tribe?

These ladies are AMAZING and I am so grateful and honored to be able to guide you and show you the way, beautiful soul.  I am no different or more special than you.  I too struggled and fought and battled the eating disorder for many years of my life.  I have been where you’ve been and I know how hard this is.  You are not alone.  There is power in community, a sisterhood and soul tribe of women who get it, they understand because they have been there.  It is near impossible to do this alone, and that is exactly why we are here.  To uplift you, to support you, to love and accept you and believe in you until you believe in yourself.

Recovery isn’t rocket science.  It is simply just a process of learning new skills, and we have a proven step by step process that works.  It’s a simple process, however don’t get me wrong, this is NOT always easy.  I’m not going to sugar coat it and say that recovery is a walk in the park.  There is a reason they call it “recovery work”!  The most difficult part of this journey is that we have to take action, even when we don’t want to, even when we are scared.  Through these difficult times, you need a solid support system and community to lean on.  You can’t do this alone.  We are here for you when no one else is.

When I was in recovery, I felt very ashamed.  Most of the people in my life didn’t even know I was still struggling.  I craved an outside source of guidance, wisdom and perspective that was unique to helping me achieve my own personal goals and dreams.  I couldn’t always rely on the people in my life because I didn’t feel like they quite understood, not even my therapist or treatment team.

This is exactly why I do what I do now– because I wish I had something as powerful as a sacred healing community of support when I was going through this.  We have an amazing tribe of recovery warriors, women seeking after freedom and going after their dreams with their whole hearts.  If you resonate with this, I am now inviting into our space.  Come join our tribe, our family and experience the power of being truly loved and accepted for who you are.  We are holding space for you to learn, grow and evolve into the woman you were always meant to become.

Recovery for eating disorders is a journey we’re all on together; I’m just a little further down the path than you and I would love to show you the way!  You are meant to overcome and HEAL.  Life is NOT meant to be a struggle.


It is a beautiful journey of learning how to love yourself, learning how to treat yourself well and becoming your own best friend in the process.


However, you must know that your recovery for eating disorders is your personal journey towards healing and full recovery and only YOU can decide if you want to fully recover, let go and be free.

Ready to take the LEAP?



Lauren Marsh is a Transformational Leader and powerful Holistic Healing Coach whose purpose and passion is to empower women to break free from their limitations and heal on every level — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually — to create the life of their dreams!

“Personally, I am fully recovered after struggling with my own eating disorder for more than half my life, and have been a coach, mentor and healer now for over five years.  I can truly say from the bottom of my heart that I can relate to what you are going through right now and I know how hard this is.  

I want you to know that FULL RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TOO.  I have successfully healed myself from all of the dysfunction and I offer myself and my life as my example through my private coaching programs, videos, articles, newsletters and courses.  

My true purpose here is to guide you through exactly how I recovered and how countless others have as well, so that you can heal and recover and gain true freedom from your eating disorder too.”  ~Message from Lauren.  

Read her full story here:

She has a comprehensive background in healing and is a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, Certified Master Hypnotist, Certified Master Practitioner of Mental and Emotional Release® , Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner + Reiki Healer.  She has created her own 5 Step Intuitive Transformative Process which creates a unique and empowering experience for her clients many of whom have recovered fully from life-threatening eating disorders and other debilitating health issues such as severe anxiety, depression and PTSD.

She works with women who want to embrace the highest vision for themselves and their lives, who deeply desire to live authentically from the heart and create a life of deep abiding joy, freedom, fulfillment, grace and purpose.  She guides women into embodying their own core truths, through a simple process of self-discovery, self-expression and radical self love.

Lauren offers private 1:1 coaching through her popular Empowerment Program, group programs and live retreats.

She lives in San Diego with her two children ages 5 and 8 and you can typically find her sitting on the beach, working at hippie coffee shops, doing yoga, working out, or taking her kids to the park and skate park.  Lauren’s favorite things include journaling, meditation, crystals, oracle and angel cards, reiki and reading copious amounts of books on her Kindle.  She also loves red wine and dark chocolate 🙂

HOW TO HEAL YOUR EATING DISORDER is a proven eating disorders help program, it's transformed the lives of so many women already and you are the next beautiful soul to stand up, reach out and experience the power of healing in your own life.

What are you waiting for, beautiful soul? Your life is waiting!! What more could you possibly want at such an exceptional price?


I look forward to getting to know you, beautiful soul, and am excited for you to begin your own recovery for eating disorders healing journey as you recover, heal and gain true freedom in the process!!!  TAKE ACTIONSay YES Now!





Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to reach out!  We are here to guide you and support you every step of the journey.  If you have a question or a hesitation, please ask!  We will get back to you right away.
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