How do we balance being loving towards ourselves and being firm with ourselves about what we are wanting to create, without having it be HARD?
How can we learn to LOVE OUR GOALS even when it requires us to step up and transform into the next best version of ourselves?
When it requires us to leave behind old patterns that are seductive yet destructive and are SO HARD to leave behind?
How can we change when there is still a part of us that “wants” the old way of being?
What do we do when there are these two forces within us that are opposing and feels like they are fighting one another?
One wanting to stay in the old, what is comfortable, natural and normal… and one part that CRAVES transformation, that KNOWS what you’re doing is not in alignment with the real YOU but it is terrifying to step into this light, this life as it requires you to do what you have never done and LEAP into the unknown…
…and onto this wild and terrifying Journey to discover your True Authentic Self.
How can you begin to LOVE the process for what it is?
To begin to see it in a whole different light, in a brighter and more positive perspective?
We tend to think that eating disorder recovery is AWFUL, HARD, a STRUGGLE.
…but what part of you doesn’t want to let go of it?
Is it the part that resides deep within your being, your true authentic loving nature that is the essence of who you are?
What do you feel called to do?
What do you feel you are meant to be doing here in this life?
Do you feel like you are destined for GREATNESS and there is so much POTENTIAL within you, you can FEEL IT???
THIS is what we need to focus on, and move towards.
Cultivating this energy within us, for it is the energy of creation, of LIFE, of pure LIGHT and LOVE and ONENESS.
It is coming to terms that this eating disorder you have, was given to you for a reason.  And that reason being that you are meant to learn how to OVERCOME it and TRANSCEND your old limiting patterns.
It is time to WAKE UP.
It is time to CLAIM your birthright, your divinity, your DESTINY.
Even if it feels IMPOSSIBLE.
Even if you have NO CLUE HOW you are going to do it.
What it does require is simply a WILLINGNESS to SURRENDER to this recovery process as a GROWTH PROCESS and COURAGE to move through your FEARS.
I know its not easy, which is why not everyone does it.
You have to have a part of you– however small it might be– that has a DEEP DESIRE for TRANSFORMATION, for GROWTH, for EVOLUTION beyond your current circumstances.
ANYTHING is possible if you just BELIEVE.
I believe in you, and if I can do it, SO CAN YOU.
There is nothing special about me.
I used to live a life of misery, of poverty, of lack, of depression, despair, hopelessness and powerlessness. I struggled, I hurt myself, I punished myself and hated the very skin I was in so much that I almost died for it. For the evil- ness that coursed through my veins.
The only way I got through it was one day at a time, KNOWING and BELIEVING that there had to be something greater. That the pain had to have a purpose. And that I was destined for something greater. I felt it within my soul– the potential, the small tiny spec of hope within me– this is what I clung to in those dark days, and what I worked so hard to create more of in my life.
And now I have it. I have everything I’ve ever dreamed of, and more.
I live my dream life. Each and every day.
Now that doesn’t mean that it’s all rainbows and unicorns and glitter all the time– FAR FROM IT.
But I live life FREE of the chains. I live from a place of LOVE.
Everything I have now I simply DREAMED UP years ago.
I worked my ass off to create it. When things went bad, I worked harder. I surrendered. I let go of the way I thought it was supposed to look and allowed it to happen in the way it wanted to.
And here I am. I live a life completely FREE of the eating disorder, depression, anxiety, PTSD and addictions that once plagued my ENTIRE LIFE, that RUINED my life and caused me to seek inpatient treatment 3 different times, several outpatient programs and dozens of therapists, counselors, groups and other treatment providers.
I fucking hated myself back then. Now I can say that I fucking LOVE THE SHIT OUT OF MYSELF and I am so proud of myself and my accomplishments in life.
I CREATED THIS. There is nothing magical about this.
I followed a clear plan– I healed myself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I teach women this 5 step process every day and miracles are made. It works. Women and men are FREED from their past. They are able to BE in the present. And they are ACTIVELY dreaming and CREATING their futures.
There is nothing magical about it– it is hard fucking work. It takes going through the madness, the chaos, the PAIN and FEAR.
If you’re not willing to go through this shit, then this work is NOT for you. But know we only go through it with ONE PURPOSE in mind– that is COMPLETE and TOTAL FREEDOM and recovery.
You can do this too.
I believe ANYONE can recover, no matter how far up or down you have gone.
There is hope for you, too.
This is the way towards FREEDOM!!!!
Sending so much love and healing energy your way, beautiful soul!!!
In light + love,
image of eating disorder recovery coach

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