You are beautiful.

You are amazing.

You are DIVINE.

You are so needed and so valuable in this world.

You are loved and accepted exactly as you are!

Did you know that?

Our society conditions us to believe exactly the opposite of this innate fact, this divine wisdom.

We grow up thinking and believing that it is not okay to be who we are.

That it is not okay to feel what we felt.

That somehow what we were doing was not okay, and that we needed to do something different in order to be accepted.

Be someone else in order to be accepted.

I know I personally became who I thought everyone else wanted me to be growing up.

I did the things I needed to do and changed myself to fit an external mold.

This created a breeding ground for the eating disorder.

It became the vehicle through which I could be “perfect.”

It was the way in which I thought I could become the person I wanted to be.

Boy was I wrong.

When we begin to pursue what we think everyone else wants for our lives, or we go against what our true hearts desires are, a disconnect is created within ourselves.

We don’t feel whole or complete.

We feel like there is something missing, we don’t feel fulfilled or satisfied– EVER.

We feel like there is a void within that can never be filled.

Not with food, exercise, weight loss, men, sex, relationships, alcohol, drugs, etc.  You name it– because I bet you might have tried many of these things to “fix” your problems.

But that’s just it.

You don’t need “fixed.”

You’re not broken to begin with.

You have everything within you just waiting to discover again.

I help women every single day repair this connection with themselves.

To embrace the authenticity of who they are.

To begin to accept and love the person that they already are.

They believe they aren’t ENOUGH compared to society’s standards.

Not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not smart enough, not doing enough, and on and on.

Compared to who?  Compared to what?

There is nothing out there that says we need to follow any of that bullshit that is ingrained in our heads.

But we do because we are programmed that way, and when you wake up to that fact you will notice an internal “battle” between those two voices in your head.

They feel like opposing forces and it is confusing sometimes as to which to listen to.

It is a process and a journey to begin to channel and embrace your true authentic voice, and begin to disidentify with the eating disorder voice.

When you become aware of this desire to become your true authentic self, to learn to love and accept yourself exactly as you are, and take back your power as a woman, it can be really overwhelming but also an exciting desire to tap into!

We are afraid of so many things– we are aware of the magnitude of change that is about to occur, and that is really really fucking scary.

We begin to realize that everything in our life is about to change.

We are fearful of fucking up and failing.  Falling flat on our face and never being able to do it successfully.

We are afraid of what we might find.  Afraid of discovering who we are and not liking it.

We are scared of what others might think.  Will they reject me?  Will I lose love?

We are uncomfortable with change and resistant to living in a place where there is unknown.

We want to control and make sure that everything around us is going “right” and perfectly according to plan!

But that’s just it– there is NO plan.

There are no guarantees of what this path will bring.

It is a wild, wonderful journey back to Self.

It is a journey that you will be on the rest of your life.

The eating disorder simply serves as an introduction to the path.

It is a path of reclaiming your true identity as the Beautiful, Authentic, Joyful and Loving Being that you Already Are!

It is learning to love and accept yourself unconditionally and letting go of all opinions and worrying about what others think.

It is forging your own true path– and discovering what it is that you are passionate about, what you LOVE, and what LIGHTS YOU UP on the inside.

It’s finding your own VOICE and OWNING your path.

Its saying, WHO I AM IS ENOUGH.

I don’t need to be anyone other than WHO I AM in order to be accepted and liked.

It’s doing what is right and true and in alignment with this Higher Wisdom– even if its hard.  Even if its scary.

Because it will challenge you to the core.

This is HARD FUCKING work.

It’s also not for everyone.

But if you are ready and the path chooses you, you will know.

You will know with every fiber of your being that you are meant to walk this path.

That you can’t NOT follow this path.

You know too much already.

You even RESIST it sometimes, and try to go back to the old ways.

They will NEVER feel the same again.

You MUST continue along the path.

The effort is immense, yet the rewards are EVEN GREATER.

To live a life of JOY, of BEAUTY, of HAPPINESS and LOVE.

To live in a place of BLISS and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for yourself and of life itself.

To know and believe 100% that you are destined for greater things.

The path is choosing you, beautiful soul.

What are you waiting for?

Go out and LIVE this LIFE that you have dreamed of!

You deserve it.

You are worthy.

And you WILL overcome.

You are doing this!!!

I believe in you.


In light + love,

image of eating disorder recovery coach




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