That is what it’s really about, right?

When we have the eating disorder, essentially at its core, its simply a LACK OF LOVE for ourselves.

We might love others, we might even love things in our life, we might have everything we’ve ever wanted on the outside, yet…

We don’t love ourselves.

We don’t love our bodies.

We feel like there is something wrong with us.  Broken, lost, alone.

“How could this happen to me,” you think.  “I should be so much further along in my life…”

We blame and shame ourselves for still struggling with it.  We suffer in silence.

We struggle with facing the fear and can’t even fathom loving ourselves.

Yet this is the one thing that will set us free.

Loving myself was the hardest yet also the most liberating thing I ever did.

I can’t imagine being back in that place of self-hatred, self-loathing and disgust for myself again..

It was a breeding ground for everything I didn’t want in my life– the eating disorder, addictions and toxic relationships.


Loving myself meant facing all my deepest held fears.

It meant challenging everything I ever believed in, in a huge way!!

It meant I had to let go and surrender myself to something greater.

At the core I knew, that if I loved myself, EVERYTHING would change.

I wouldn’t need to punish myself anymore.

I wouldn’t need to obsess or worry about the things I was so focused on that were incredibly negative.

One day I just made a decision to change.

I began the journey towards healing every part of me that didn’t resonate with LOVE.

I committed to bringing up all those dark places within my soul that needed to be released, the OLD ways, the FEARS, the traumas, hurts, and wounds from the past.

I moved forward towards what I wanted to create, knowing and believing that I had everything within me I needed in order to HEAL and fully recover.

It wasn’t always easy.

In fact it was fucking HARD as hell!!!!

But that’s what makes this journey so worth it.  SO enlivening, exciting and even fulfilling.

Because it is the greatest challenge that you are to face in your life– and it is the doorway through which you will achieve all your dreams through.

Are you ready to walk through the door into the most amazing chapter of your life?

I know you are ready.

You are a brave, courageous warrior, beautiful soul!!!

You are wise, you are beautiful and strong, and I believe you are so worthy and deserving of giving this great gift to yourself.


I would be honored to help guide you along this journey.

We have a sacred healing community of beautiful souls just waiting for you to join us along this journey.

Get all the details here, and join us today!!!


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