You are strong.  You are wise.  Why does it come up then sometimes that you don’t believe you can do this?  Or that you think it is too hard?

It most often comes up because we have a belief within ourselves that says, “I am not capable.  It is not possible.”

OR even more commonly, “I am not good enough.”

These are beliefs that plague even then most well-intentioned people in recovery, who are motivated and dedicated and then….. these beliefs and fears and anxieties come up and stop them dead in their tracks.

It’s like a massive STOP button on recovery.

It might happen all at once — for example, there might be something that happens and it causes you to give in to the “FUCK ITS.”  You use an eating disorder behavior and then just think, “well FUCK IT, I already did this so what’s the use.  I’ll stop tomorrow. [insert any other excuse under the sun right here on why they are going to say fuck it and stop].”


OR it might happen slowly, subtly over time.  For example, you might be doing really great, shifting your habits, challenging yourself with the food, and then one day comes up and you want to let something “slide.”  “Well,” you think, “I’ll just let this one thing go for now…  It will be okay…”  And so you restrict.  Or you exercise hardcore to try and ‘lose weight’ or punish yourself.  Or you do something that you KNOW is NOT in alignment with your true authentic self or something that really doesn’t help support your recovery AT ALL.  You drink that one glass of wine.  You reach out to someone who is toxic for you.  You succumb to the purge.  Whatever it is, the seduction of the eating disorder part of you is STRONG and you might not even know that something as little as this could be the beginning of your downfall.


I’ve seen it over and over again.  I know this because I help women escape these cycles– and if it were easy, and you knew exactly how to do it, well then I wouldn’t be here!!

How do we escape the cycle?

Or rather, a better question to ask is, how do we transcend the cycle?

We transcend the cycle by first choosing to shift the perspective from which we are seeing the situation.


It is beginning to adopt new beliefs such as seeing recovery as a way to learn how to love and accept yourself.


It’s knowing and truly owning that you are RESPONSIBLE for your own recovery.  


It is a huge opportunity for you to grow, learn, change and evolve along your own personal journey.


It’s embracing these new beliefs such as, “I am capable.  I am powerful.  I can DO THIS.  I am WORTHY and I am GOOD ENOUGH.”

These are some of the many KEYS to FREEDOM that will help you move forward and take huge leaps and bounds towards full recovery.

What would it feel like for you to begin to look at recovery this way and begin to adopt these new beliefs and this new mindset?


It’s a whole new OPERATING SYSTEM for your brain, baby!!


Today, I want you to do some journaling answering these questions: What would happen if I began to look at recovery in this way?  How would it feel?  How would that shift things for me?


You can do this, beautiful soul.

I believe in you.

You are so much more powerful than you even know.

You are worthy.

You are deserving.

Today– own that shit!!!

You can do this!!!


In light + love,

image of eating disorder recovery coach

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